Low blood sugar. Feeling panic and disorientation. Help!!

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    I have been feeling as if my blood sugar is low. I’ve had severely increased anxiety and my mouth is horribly dry all the time. No matter how much I drink. Ive had increased brain fog, hives, anxiety, and a tingly pressure in my head. Also been horribly week. I started my diet by eating broccoli, green beans (with garlic and sea salt), fish, chicken, steak, and occasional rice cake or brown rice. That’s it!! I use raw minced garlic, and ginger daily. Anytime I drink which is very often I use water with lemon juice. Been doing this for 8 days. I can’t sleep or relax. My mind races horribly all day. Also I used to poop often now my gut feels dead. Maybe twice a day but only in the morning. Do i need probiotcs yet and can i eat any carbs? my brain is freaking out and my gut as well. Also if I do sleep it’s restless and I wake up at 4 or 430 daily. I don’t take supplements as I’ve had all vitamin and minerals checked and they are normal. Suggestions? I’m miserable and confused.


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    Sorry to hear you are going through such a hard time. There are many people on the forum who will give you much advice than I can, but here is my one tip… when my blood sugar was low my heart rate increased and I panicked a bit, but my candida specialist said I must make sure that I eat enough PROTEIN with every meal. So now I make sure with every meal I have some form of good protein like fish, eggs, chicken etc. and my heart rate has become normal, and I have more energy. Hope this little tip helps. I’m sure others will have much more advice. Good luck and don’t worry, you’ll get through this.

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