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    we were all there, you’re probably experiencing die-off. As a confirmation, you can check by stopping anti fungals (and continuing detoxification) for few days, you will note that you feel way better then before you started.

    Diet requires long term change of life-style, and you must accept it!!


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    Depending on how bad your candida is, it will probably take a lot longer than 7 weeks. I’ve been at this since May and I still can have bad die off depending on how much antifungals I take. I have been able to do daily activities again and some of my symptoms have gotten better or disappeared but I still have a few very annoying symptoms left.

    I still have ear issues, sinus issues and sore throats which is probably from my sinus issues and post nasal drip. I’ve started using nasal irrigation techniques a few days ago using salt and baking soda. Seems to be helping so far. I’m considering trying dvjorgs colon cleansing as he strongly feels candida hides out in the colon where antifungals don’t really reach.

    I’m willing to try anything to expedite the healing.


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    Thanks. This really helped. I also had chronic sinus infections. During midweek my usual sinus headache returned and that was the trigger of me feeling sorry for myself. Sort of like ‘if I am going to continue to have these I might as well NOT be starving’. I stopped the SF722 and the probiotic for 2 days to see what would happen. I don’t think I felt that different. I guess my die off is better I just now have the sore throat and sinus headache. Frankly would rather have die off and no ‘sick’ symptoms because it makes me know it’s working. THIS just makes me think I’m doing all of this and my immunity has remained the same. I’m staying on and will incorporate acupuncture when I get back.

    Please update us on how the colonic treatment works. I used to get them and my acupuncture person does them. However, I don’t care for them that much.




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    I tried enemas for a time. Not only did they not do anything for me, but afterwards I had awful constipation because so much of the good bacteria was washed out.

    Some people seem to be able to wash out incredible blooms of candida. However, I personally would not recommend going that route.


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    Its been 45days for me and not easy. Haven’t had the energy i used to, i have a dance competion coming up in a 4days and have been unable to practice like i planned because i have very little energy, my coach dosen’t understand, but i havent really explained it all either. i also work for myself and haven’t been working as much as usual, my savings are now going on to treatment and sick days instead of the nice things i was saving for.

    I do what i can and visit this site regularly for support. This is a testing time but you now can say you know what its like to deal with this. You can help others like your helping me by posting your story and reminding me im not alone.

    ps- i have heard alot of bad wrap about the murcury fillings.
    and i have read it does inhibit the body form getting rid of candida.

    http://www.drmercola.com/ has some info on murcury fillings.

    pps- when im down i listen to Ajahn Brahm on youtube, he is a really talented speaker, he is a buddist monk, im not buddist but i lovveee his talks.

    x bouncy


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    This was a great post. I am new to this whole process and trying to figure out what I should be doing. But I will say this–the more I think about all of this and the more I focus on it, the worse it seems to get. I think it might be helpful to live your life and not become consumed or obsessed by this. Much of what goes on in your gut is related to your stress level. The stress of obsessing over this most likely creates a release of chemicals in your body like cortisol, adrenaline, and others which I assume are counterproductive to the diet and probably helps candida. It also affects your immune system function. That doesn’t mean quitting the program and eating and drinking anything you want. But there needs to be balance. Vacation, laughing, eating normal meals, and having fun release other types of chemicals in the body, maybe like seratonin, which I assume probably helps GI issues. I am going to most likely take a slow long term approach toward conquering this rather than an assault style attack. It probably took a long time for my gut to get in this shape, it is going to take a long time for it to recover.

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