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    Hello all. I’ve been dealing with this problem for more than 6 months–it was caused by weeks of different types of antibiotics. I wrote a long thing but am not sure if I want to write all that publicly, it feels very personal. Suffice it to say that originally the presence of 2 major infections at the same time caused a lot of cognitive problems for about a month when this first started that really took a toll on my life, that I am lucky I made it through it.

    I’m dealing with vag. yeast infection, oral thrush, occasional intertrigo and intermittent athlete’s foot, and I did have a navel infection but that is gone for the moment.

    There is weird excessive mucus/saliva immediately after I eat. I have to keep spitting it out. I guess this is part of the oral thrush, I don’t know. There is also excessive mucus if I cry. That never happened, until I got this yeast problem. Now, if I start crying, there is so much mucus I have to just keep blowing my nose for a while, it’s a real drag. If I stop crying it goes away.

    Also have been dealing with bouts of feeling very cold, usually at night. My body temp. has always been low (96.3-97.5) since I was a kid. I am wondering if it’s something about yeast or thyroid, or both, who knows. Also, sometimes there is weird sweating, when it’s not hot and I’m not exercising or being physically active. I’ve been tested and am not diabetic.

    I have been under high stress for a couple of years now. I have been depressive/anxious, although it has gotten somewhat better. I am not sure if this was caused by yeast or by other things. It could be a combination of factors. Regulating my emotional environment remains a major challenge on a daily basis. I find that meditation, exercise, being in the sun with skin exposed, and being in nature help regulate my mood.

    Have been treating the v. yeast infection every day for the past 5 mos, tried various treatments, both prescription and natural, that have not cured it, including boric acid, which is supposed to be a godsend but did not cure it. tried miconozole (for many months), miconozole + tea tree oil mix, tea tree by itself, diluted tea tree oil (for intert. and navel) and now trying terconozole. tried diflucan with some of these, maybe helped but didn’t cure it. I think these “it’ll be gone in 1 week if you take X” things are not really likely anymore. Am starting salt rinses for the oral thrush, hopefully will get some nystatin or something to help it.

    Today had a weird almost instant intertrigo flare-up because of some hidden sugar I didn’t realize I was consuming. Also I felt very intoxicated after that, which seems to confirm the hypothesis of yeast.

    I am following pretty much every protocol listed on any yeast site.

    I tried probiotics but honestly could not tell they were doing anything, and they were quality probiotics that were refrigerated and from a trustworthy source. I also tried them as suppositories, which didn’t do anything. My guess is that I still need to go through the “killing yeast” phase then later do probiotics, I don’t know. They are pretty expensive, to not be able to tell they are working. Also I am lactose-intolerant and avoid all dairy in general because it doesn’t agree with my body, which means I can’t eat yogurt at all, there is no food I can eat that has probiotics in it, and that I can only get the kinds that don’t have a bunch of milk in there. I can’t make the sauerkraut in my kitchen because stuff sort of ferments in there anyway due to the climate, and I don’t think it’s a safe type of bacteria that would result. So… this is kind of a problem since I can’t eat dairy. I am also confused by the conflicting information on the sites about fermented foods. Many sites say “yes! eat all the fermented foods you can get!” Then other sites say, “no! don’t eat any fermented foods, it will feed yeast because you don’t know their practices!” So… I still don’t know if I should be eating any fermented foods. I have been avoiding all fermented foods for the most part due to this issue.

    I have changed my food and quit many foods, but I think I may have to reduce carbs more. It irks me because my diet is already ridiculously strict for this anti-yeast thing, I have lost 71 lbs in the past 6 mos. I hate to lose even more foods that I can eat. I’m kind of worried about eventually becoming extremely skinny due to not being able to get enough calories from eating like this. That’s probably not a concern for another year or so, but if I keep losing weight at this rate I will run out of fat to lose. But it has been easy for me to lose weight, as long as I keep to the avoided food list.

    So… this is getting tiresome. I was healthy before this happened, so that is also a double whammy, it is difficult to go from “always healthy” to “ongoing health issue” literally overnight.
    I’m tired of dealing with this every day and having these symptoms, it is scary when it flares up because up to this point it has been at a level that was not too awful, but these flare-ups are not pleasant, it makes me worried, what kind of stuff will I have to try to withstand while trying to live my everyday life.

    And it is just frustrating that I can’t tell people about, there is no one to turn to because this is an embarrassing affliction that I don’t want other people to know that I have. And I don’t really have money to get proper medical care, so I have to just make do with whatever I can afford.

    Next I am thinking maybe biofilm-killing enzymes + rotated antifungals + some kind of suppositories. It all seems very complicated and daunting… I have no idea if the things I try are going to work or not. It’s pretty much make it up as you go.

    It’s just tough, because there is no real “medical plan” for how to cure this, it seems like doctors have no clue what’s going on, they don’t even know about the food thing, it’s just whatever people can manage to read on the Internet and try, and so many of the sites are just advertisements selling something, so it’s hard to tell what is reliable and what’s not. It seems very odd to me that there are so many people with this affliction, who are just having to look for stuff randomly online instead of having real medical care… this feels to me like something is definitely broken in the system if there is no real medical care available for this condition (except for very minor infections that easily go away) that so many are suffering from.

    Anyway, that’s my gripe for the day. Thanks for reading.

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