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    Good afternoon,
    I have just discovered this forum and I am already very grateful for it.

    I am a 45 year old woman who was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It took almost 2 years, but here we are. I live in Atlantic Canada where it’s not always easy to have access to good doctors.

    My symptoms were getting worse by the day. Walking was difficult, my joints were hurting so bad, headaches, skin problems, fatigue, pain, ringing in my ears and so on.

    I visited a massage therapist who is specialized in chronic illness. In September of last year, my back broke into rashes that are often itchy. My massage therapist said there was a noticeable brownish discoloration around my spine. She attributed it to toxins in my body. She told me about Candida Overgrowth.

    Looking back, it made sense because I had been tested for food intolerance a year prior and my results were to stay away from any yeast, sugar, milk products and gluten.

    I decided to read about Candida and 13 days ago started the detox. Within days, my pain went from a 9 to a 3. I am less tired as well. Keep in mind I was eating a lot of junk before the detox. I wasn’t helping myself at all.

    I started the Renew Life Candigone supplements to help with the detox, the probiotic fortify for women 30 billion and Advance Turmeric 500mg 2x a day.

    I realized it was my own decision to do the detox since I was never officially diagnosed with Candida. It would probably take months around here to get an answer.

    What do you think? Could it just be symptoms of fibromyalgia? Am I wrong to follow this diet and take the supplements? I see people talking about die off/complications. I have no idea what it is. I don’t want this diet to cause me more problems.

    Thank you so much in advance!


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    It sounds like Candida. Please do lots of reading. Recognizing candida is your first step. Your symptoms sound like mines. I had all of the above. I had a breakout November 2017. It has been a very rough road. I wish I had paid attention to my body symptoms ahead of time. You are on the right track.


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    I can understand why you’re asking in a forum. I have recently reached out myself due to fear and uncertainty but the truth is you can never ever be sure unless you get a stool and gut test. Candida mimics many other illnesses and vice versa.

    Asking other people whether you have candida online in a forum is like asking a stranger on a street. We can only give you our opinion and that doesn’t mean too much really as neither of us are doctors or nutritionists and even if we were, we cannot diagnose from a list of symptoms alone.

    You can continue with the diet and supplements and if you feel better then I guess you know but to know for sure you need to get a stool and gut immunity analysis. I would not bother with blood works and blood tests for candida, they’re unreliable. It needs to be stool and gut.

    Here’s what my nutritionist said she wanted me to have done

    Intestinal inflammation:
    a) Secretory IgA in the stool (intestinal immune system)

    Complete status of intestinal colonization:
    Including yeasts, moulds (as no 1) & 11 key aerobic & anaerobic bacteria’s.

    I have been sick for years with what feels like a very weak immune system and self diagnosed, stuck to a VERY rigid and restrictive diet for 3 miserable years
    it’s only now 10 years on I have been advised to do the tests and if they come back saying I don’t have candida that means I have been fighting the wrong illness all these years!

    Hope that makes sense !

    Liz - UK


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    I am a firm believer that CFS/ME/fibromyalgia are all illnesses that conventional medics “label” as a process of elimination from tests looking for more recognised diseases that CAN be treat with pharmas

    I believe these illnesses are linked strongly to our gut and diet which certainly in the UK are not understand much less identified by traditional doctors. Anything that falls into the “”nutrition” based disease is left undiagnosed or worse, diagnosed with ME/CFS etc.

    It is my opinion all of these types of illnesses are linked to our diet and gut immunity which needs specific testing.

    Be Warned: Jumping in too fast and too hard may make you sicker …. if your body is already weak then you need to go slower VERY slow. Start by taking a low dose of antifungal first ….half or even quarter of the dose on the bottle and WAIT 2 weeks….if no die off…increase a little….and WAIT…..
    The trick is to reach die off which proves you are on the right track because the candida is dying…but once you get die off symptoms HOLD the dose until the die off symptoms pass. And if it gets too much, cut back again and HOLD until the die off symptoms pass.

    The safe and beneficial way to do this is to kill the candida without making yourself sicker and for that it needs to be a step by step approach

    Killing too much too fast makes you sick and puts a lot of stress on your liver and kidneys and colon

    When you are taking several drugs and supplements all at the same time, how can you tell which one is working which one is making you sick?

    Learn from someone who did this the wrong way and is still suffering as a result 9 days on!

    Good luck

    Liz - UK

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