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    I have been on this diet for sometime without doing any liver flushes due to the fact of not having a gallbladder. I put it off so now I am willing and think I need to. Anyone without a gallbladder have any success? If so, can you tell me what to use. My livere tests have been coming back ok after being on Diflucan several times (obviously not helping at small doses), I want to bump up to 200mg per day or ask physician for Terbinafine which I think will help because I was on Terbinafine before I knew it was yeast and most symptoms disappeared until I stopped and 1 month later symptoms reappeared. Back to the liver flush…anyone (with no gallbladder)?


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    As far as the information I’ve found, a liver flush can be used by those who have had their gallbladder removed.


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