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    Hi All,

    I’m new to the forum and to my candida diagnosis so apologies if all this has been covered a zillion times…

    After months of right quadrant and liver/back rib pain I was finally diagnosed with candida by a wonderful naturopath. As I’m sure is common, I had many scans, blood tests and otherwise from many drs who found nothing so I’m grateful to finally know. My tests came back high 4(+)

    I have been on meds for about 2 months and still feel pretty lousy. I felt great for about 2 weeks but then die off hit. Felt ok for another week…then flattened by fatigue. Even more alarming is the pain I have in my liver and side of ribs. Pain to the touch on my ribs and deep deep pain in the liver area when I move…almost like an irritation of ulceration. I get that the liver is working extra hard but man this is intense( as far as I know…3 months ago…liver enzymes are fine)

    I thought the tough die off would be done? Has anyone experienced similar symptoms? Oh…am treating with more “Natural” products…not nystatin or anything. Yeast Free and phytostan…and diet of course.

    Thank you all for any advice!



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    What are you doing to prevent the die-off toxins from damaging the liver? This needs to be avoided at all costs.


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