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    Hey, all 🙂 So, tomorrow marks the completion of my 7th week on the diet, and it’s been going really well. I noticed a BIG difference at the end of week 5/beginning of week 6. *But* – I’m pregnant and recently had a UTI diagnosis that required antibiotics. The UTI was bacterial, not fungal, I made sure they checked. Thankfully, the antibiotic did the trick and my last culture came back clear. I wound up with thrush again, though 🙁 And, after 8 days now off the antibiotic and still on the AC diet the whole time, I feel like I’m having die-off all over again. My die-off was never severe, I’m just really, really, really tired. My thrush is clearing up after lots of salt water gargles, extra virgin olive oil, and Kefir. So, I know I’ll be on the upswing again here soon. Hopefully the great surge in energy will come more quickly this time (?). Anyway, I feel like I’m starting all over again. I’m planning on being in Stage 1 for another 4-6 weeks :/


    Jackie R
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    Hi there, this great surge in energy sounds wonderful!!! Can’t wait for it!! You did very well to maintain the diet for so long – I have good days, then spend a day- like today- having spoonfuls of lots of different things I shouldn’t touch, will probably pay for it tomorrow!!
    Good luck !!

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