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    Has anyone on this forum tried LDA low dose allergy therapy? I am finding it hard to believe that I have not found any discussions on LDA on this forum. While it may not be a total cure, it completely eliminates the majority of my symptoms. Really has no one tired this? I am just curious to see if it has worked as well for anyone else.


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    Hi James, I am also suffering from a chronic Candida infection due to my exposure to mold and mycotoxins . Can you please provide me with some more info on the LDA shots you had referred to . Very interested to learn more .


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    I’ll share my personal LDA experience with you.

    I have tried LDA many years ago. It was costly, but my insurer paid for it, so it was effectively free for me.

    I used it to treat my hay fever. Every year in February and March, I would recieve three shots of pollen in increasing dosage. The theory was that this would prepare my immune system to accept pollen as a natural thing instead of fighting it.

    When insurance policy was changed and I had to pay for my LDA shots by myself, my doctor informed me that the effectiveness of LDA has never been proven.

    Indeed, I had not noticed any improvement at all. Before I knew that LDA is unproven, I thought that I just had to go through the LDA treatment for a number of years before my body would “learn” that pollen is not worth combating. Now I knew that the lack of improvement was due to a lack of effect.

    Of course, I stopped taking the LDA pollen shots.

    Years later, my hay fever diminished to almost unnoticeable all by itself.



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