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    Initially started Ables protocol in late november so am only just over two months in. I’ve had numerous set backs due to allergies. The first was dairy. Long before i suspected candida. I suspected a Lactose and wheat allergy. It said to try kefir in the protocol and that lactose intolerant people normally tolerate goats kefir if it matured for long enough. I Did it to the book but ended up getting a major reaction: stomach cramps, a fever, and full blown sinusitis. I figured that I was dairy intolerant, abandoned the kefir and within a few days I had fought of the fever and sinusitis. I then continued on the diet and was progressing at a slow but steady rate. The brain fog in the evening and morning was subsiding and my muscle weakness in recent weeks has reduced significantly. I must now admit one of the underlying causes of my condition is stress. I suffer from social and generalised anxiety. When I developed physical symptoms after taking antibiotics a vicious cycle of worrying and deteriorating health began. The more symptoms i’d notice the more depressed and anxious i would get. I am now at the point where i know the stress is making symptoms worse but i cant help from stressing out as things are becoming increasingly difficult due to a suspected case of severe leaky gut. Since going on the diet i have gradually developed reactions to the coconut flour, buckwheat and oat bran (gluten free) which are allowed on the diet. So i eliminated them and felt instantly better. I decided an adapted paleo diet was the way forward despite the warnings of too much ammonia. I mean what else was i going to eat just vegetables and eggs? So I started doing this but then i started to suspect a reaction to eggs! and this is what has lead me down the final route, the one i knew of but never thought I would actually be preparing to go down…GAPS….!!!!

    The Name it’s self is ominous enough its a GAP, a gap in your intestines, a gap in your life where you become a depraved caveman/dog surviving off the gelatin on bone marrow…really?

    Well…obviously i know I need address my anxiety issue and i am working on that now very seriously as i realise what a detrimental effect it has on the diet/treatment but my question is, do I go in for gaps or do i reduce my stress as much as possible, continue with paleo, minus the nuts, seeds and sweet potatoes, continue the antifungals and keep the faith? I have a very busy life with a full time job e.t.c and would love not to be cooking medieval cauldrons of chicken carcass everyday…

    please let me know your thoughts,

    Harry, 24, male, London, England.


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    hdickson6;54158 wrote:

    please let me know your thoughts,

    Harry, 24, male, London, England.

    Hi Harry, – I am English actually, but living in the US! I’ll do my best to answer.
    My thinking now is, that the Candida issue is caused by something else that is not working. In my case that may be my Methylation Cycle or the prevalence of heavy metals in my system causing problems.
    I’ve been on the Candida diet since July and its made me feel a lot better, but I am still not “well” if you know what I mean? The Candida diet + antifungals took me so far but then I hit a wall.
    I then got my Methylation Cycle tested and I find I have major issue there, and also there is a mercury and lead presence in my body which is quite high.
    The thinking is that my Candida issue will not be resolved until the heavy metal and Methylation issue is resolved. I am now under a Methylation Cycle doctor who I saw for the 1st time this week.

    Here’s what I advise for you (see your doc for advice too):
    1) Get a heavy metal test (provoked and unprovoked urine test)
    2) Get a Methylation Cycle blood test
    3) Get a Vitamin D 25-hydroxy level blood test (your muscle weakness issue may stem from low vitamin D)
    4) go on a gut-fixing diet which hopefully will incorporate reduced carb and reduced sugars.

    Oh, just to add, I now do Kombucha and ferment it right down to Ph3 (takes at least two weeks) so a lot of the sugar is gone. Water kefir is also a broad spectrum probiotic, but you’ve got to ferment it longer to get that sugar out. I actually did raw goat milk kefir for a long time with no problems but that source of milk ran out sadly. I did a stool test with my local doctor and he was so impressed he asked me to bring some kefir grains in for him! I chose Kombucha over kefir because it helps with digestion issues and has other advantages over kefir.


    Vegan Catlady
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    Hi Harry!

    I refrained from answering, as you are on a path that I do not have experience with.

    While its easy to regurgitate info we find on the internet,I wont unless I have direct experience with it.I didnt want to offer advice I didnt experience 🙂

    I think when we find out what we are dealing with, its very intimidating, and scary, and very inconvenient. We start taking advice from websites immediately as we are desperate for some relief.

    You ARE going to find out what works for YOU, but probably not without some trial and error.

    On this forum, your going to notice that most people are on The Candida Diet, but some of us tried it and couldnt follow it for various reasons.

    If GAPS works for you, then share your experiences so that others may benefit 😀
    If not, its good to mention that,too.

    Since im vegan, my diet hasnt changed a whole lot, except I have gone from being mostly fruit, to 50-50 fruits and veggies. I do a ton of coconut. My newest fave food!

    I want to just mention that what Bansaw said was true for me as well….PROBLEMS IN YOUR SYSTEM DECIDE WHETHER CANDIDA TAKES HOLD OR NOT.

    In other words, everyone has yeast…but not everyone gets a fungal infection.

    My advice (if you want 2 more cents,lol) comes from my experience working at an herb farm for some years. Its not popular here, so there wont be others cheerleading it.

    Since you mentioned stress (its my #1 problem as well) I believe with all my heart in adrenal exhaustion. Some here think its a made-up illness, but there are people who think candida is a made-up illness,too 😉
    When your stressing, you inadvertently have “fight-or-flight hormones running through your body to some degree. This is what I have been reading from many naturopaths.
    You can actually overburden your adrenal glands causing a domino-effect in other other glands/organs, weakening your system and weakening your immunity.

    Some livers and kidneys filter better than others.
    Those that work over-time because they are clogged with years of occasional bad-choices begin to not work so well.

    When I started listening to this, it became my “duh” moment.
    Made total sense.

    I started building-up my adrenals.
    I gave my liver herbal support.
    I began taking herbs so that my kidneys were truly filtering.

    My experience is that this strategy for cure is long. But you see evidence of its effectiveness right away. Its not for everyone I guess, but its the only thing I can comment on here.

    I hope you get relief soon.



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    I recommend consulting a naturopathic doctor that can help treat your specific symptoms with specific supplements. My wife had bad stress suddenly and she had to take some specific homeopathics to get over it…and now she is normal pretty much. She can’t handle stress very well unfortunately…

    For you anxiety, I recommend fatty acids that can help heal your brain. A good cheap one is flax oil and it should lower your anxiety.

    The reactions to food could mean that you are getting better. As you clean up your body you could be getting sensitive to stuff because you are so detoxed. It also could be related to histamine levels, inflammation, etc. A lot of factors can cause it and a good naturopath can reverse your food sensitivity problems.


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