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    I found lactose free kefir at Whole Foods. The brand is Green Valley.
    Here is the link

    The bottle I bought showed only 6g of sugar per cup. I would like to get some opinions on this product. I drank only a cup at a time and it did not cause any noticable problems.


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    Hi Ranger,

    From what I’ve learned through this Forum and other websites about kefir is that one receives the best of it’s properties when it is made directly at home which is not hard to do after you get the hang of it. I too was concerned to even attempt kefir due to my lactose intolerance, but I’ve been making it myself and have not had any intolerance. In fact I love it! The reason it’s advised to make it yourself is that the store bought brands are pasturized which kills any beneficial bacteria in kefir. Then they add it back and sell it saying it has beneficial bacteria.

    If you are interested in how to make kefir, check out U-tube videos, Cultures For Health, Dom’s website, and google “kefir production”. That’s how I learned about it. There is a lot of info. available. Also, you may be able to obtain starter grains through someone in your area if you go on the Weston A. Price Foundation.

    I didn’t answer your specific question but I hope this is helpful to you.



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    Ranger this is the exact brand I use. I have tried many other but this seems to be the best. I get an immediate reaction to food in my mouth. If I go and drink kefir after it is a huge relief. This brand is the ticket for me 🙂 I don’t need the lactose free…I just bought this brand and I’m very happy with it and I drive 25 miles to get it 🙂

    Best of luck


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    I just tried Lifeway for the first time. Lactose free and the ingredients look alright, but there’s 12g of sugar per 8 oz glass. I probably had about 6 oz just now. It says there’s 12 cultures in it, hopefully that outweighs the high sugar content. Any opinions?

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