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    I will be starting this diet soon and wanted to ask if it’s ok to eat lactose free cheese. I read somewhere that it’s ok to have unsweetened almond milk, which is dairy free. I can’t do dairy free cheese as it doesn’t taste good to me, but for awhile now I’ve been eating lactose free cheese (GoVeggie) and was wondering if it was ok to eat during the candida diet. Also having a hard time finding recipes. I’m a picky eater and I’m trying to figure out things to eat for each meal of the day. Thanks.


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    I was a picky eater myself but it is due to the candida in your body. Hopefully you begin to start liking the foods like i did once the candida levels drop. Also have you tested for parasites if not you may want to look into this first. My hugest mistake was assuming i ONLY had candida. By doing this i was only looking to fight the candida. I found out i had a parasite which was causing the candida once i removed the parasites i was able to control the candida. Which is now at its last wits. I finally have recovered and have normal stools with no pain and i can now eat normal. I choose not to eat the foods that damage my body now that i have learned so much about our body. I cut out all dairy. I would assume its ok but I would cut it out depending on how long or how severe your case of candida is. Also if you eat anything that begins to stress your body intake more water and more greens. There are enzymes that help our body with the toxins.

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