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    Don’t know how long the die-off lasts, but am getting real tired of being tired. It feels like my body is lacking something. Slept too long last nite again and still can’t wake up. Everything is an effort. Am on my 3rd week of detox and die-off.

    Have lost some weight, and in the morning my sinuses run. Basically just have to blow my nose a lot. I’m thinking it’s die-off as it’s not a cold or allergy. You kind of have to fight through the lack of energy as you feel like sitting and have trouble getting up, but if it’s just detox than it’s clear it will go away in time.

    Another side effect of what appears to be a big dose of die-off for me, along with a runny nose and being very lethargic, is that my eyes go through stages of burning, and concentration seems to be very difficult, almost a huge effort.


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    Jeremiah wrote: Am on my 3rd week of detox and die-off.

    Jeremiah, are you actually still on the detox period for the third week or the diet?

    Are you taking Molybdenum and Candidate for the die-off?



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    I have been on the diet for four months and still feel this way. Hang in there. It will get better. Other people have, so we can too 😀


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    I have also been feeling this way and I’m finishing the forum detox/cleanse and transitioning to the diet. Generally the worst of it seems to be in the morning for me right when I wake up. I also have symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes, chapped lips that are just inconvenient really.


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    I felt this way after 3 months. I changed a few things at that time that made me feel a ton better:

    2)HMF neuro probiotic
    3)general trace mineral vitamins
    4)other stuff my naturopath prescribed me (I am not promoting these items because I am not a doctor)
    5)dietary changes such as eating teff bread, kefir, black/red rice and eating more in general
    6)healing leaky gut (supplements)

    I highly recommend checking out more things to heal leaky gut. Trace minerals are very important to help in your recovery such as calcium, magnesiume, zinc, iodine, etc.

    I suggest consulting a naturopathic doctor if you want to heal faster and spend more money.



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    If you google or Bing Triphala, the Aruvedic herbal supplement for digestion. It’s very old and well liked in India.

    The long article says Triphala is good for die-off, and could go hand in hand with Molybdenum. It also says it is good for leaky gut.

    A huge effort to concentrate along with burning eyes are happening a lot now with what appears to be a big effort for the body to expel the yeast or die-off. Flu symptoms, as with any detox, is common I know, but I thought I was past this. There are times I catch myself doing some sugar, such as soy, if vanilla flavored has a little sugar 12 grams per cup. Is that a lot?

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