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    Is kombucha safe on candida diet?


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    I see that this question has been asked numerous times, but no real direct answer has been given.

    Perhaps Able or Raster can assist? Should it be avoided?



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    I am currently brewing Kombucha at home and consuming it everyday without any negative side effects. Keep in mind that I also ferment until most of the sugar is gone, check Ph, and brew with specific pro-biotic species. I’m currently using S. Boulardii yeast, Gluconobacter bacteria, and Lactobacillus bacteria.

    If you are buying Kombucha, GT’s is great. Has no more then 2 grams of sugar in the bottle and they also use S. Boulardii (great anti-candida yeast).

    Kombucha comes down to personal choice, If you are worried about negative side effects, hindering improvement or feeding the Candida, don’t drink it. I think the main argument with Kombucha has to do with the residual sugar left in the beverage itself.

    Hope this helps.


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    Its best to have the freshly brewed stuff instead of the processed massed produced stuff (think of commercially made kefir vs. homemade). As far as the sugar content, if its low, then I think it should be fine. The question is whether boulardii is good for you or not and I haven’t experimented with it.

    I talked to my naturopath about boulardii last friday and he hasn’t really heard of it. The way he looks at it is…this doesn’t treat the environment/mechanism that created pathogenic candida in the first place. He also feels that lactic acid is something you don’t really want in high amounts in the body. I haven’t researched his claims but just wanted to mention the information.



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    Thanks so much for your replies.

    I also came across this brand http://www.aviva.ca/shop/products.asp?itemid=6914&catid=261 It is commercial, but uses Kefir – just in case anyone is interested.

    I think I will avoid it for the time being – too scared to mess with my regiment.

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