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    I just thought I’d start this story of my kids as a place to track what we have done and hopefully share both our discoveries and mistakes with others.

    Daughter, age 7 – has had slight eczema, particularly in creases of elbows and knees, which flares up badly in the heat. As a baby she has constant ear infections with high fever, and as a result took lots of antibiotics. (I know better now – drops of H2O2 are the best thing for an ear infection, and since I found that out we have never had that issue). However, we have always had some behavioral issues, and these have become worse over time. I have long suspected candida (since I myself have been through it, and am still prone to it if I am not careful).
    So based on that I have tried numerous dietary supplements to help:
    – coconut oil – hates the taste
    – oil of oregano – worked for me, but it is such a strong taste and is very potent I’m not sure it is suitable for a child, even in tiny doses
    – sauerkraut and kim chi- hates the taste
    – water kefir – hates the taste, even with multitude of flavors and concoctions

    The only dietary thing that is easy: she will swallow pills and capsules. I’m going to get gel cap form of coconut oil and see if we can get started on that daily. We just saw an excellent doctor today (integrative) and he prescribed gluten free/dairy free diet and daily probiotics and magnesium (to calm the ADHD symptoms). I’m scared about this diet…I’m on it myself, so I know how to cook, but Christmas and kids in school and avoiding sugar, wheat and milk products? Well, it is not easy with a resistant, uncooperative child…but we will try. Doctor said we can consider antifungals in February, but I will continue to cook with coconut oil, and see about gel caps in the meantime.

    Son, age 5 – has moderate to severe eczema, same places, but flares up to cover entire body and causes total misery, loss of sleep, and inability to do anything but scratch like crazy (can’t even sit in a chair and hold a pencil when it is like this). Like his sister, he had ear infections as a baby, as well as SEVERE dairy intolerance….to the point where I could not even nurse him unless I was 100% dairy free or he would just instantly projectile vomit. He was put on Zantac to reduce the heartburn associated. He has some ADHD symptoms too – very distracted and can’t sit still or focus in school, but I think most of this is actually due to the itching he is constantly feeling.

    He is unable to swallow pills and capsules, but loves apple sauce, so I crunch stuff up and mix it into a couple of teaspoons of apple sauce and he enjoys me making a joke out of spoon feeding him like a baby.
    – won’t eat coconut oil straight, but doesn’t hate the taste when I cook with it
    – likes almond milk and rice milk (phew!)
    – loves eggs…but we suspect possible allergy, so have to watch those
    – also hates sauerkraut and kim chi
    – also hates water kefir, but loves milk kefir (which we can’t have – casein)

    I also give both of them:
    – fish oil
    – cod liver oil
    – multivitamin
    – kale when I can sneak it into things
    – sauerkraut and sauerkraut juice when I can sneak it into things
    – water kefir when I can sneak it in

    So that is our story so far….wish us luck!
    (My own story: moderately good success with oil of oregano and dietary changes, but I still have to be careful and avoid sugar or I get a flare up)


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    You are a good parent! A lot of your kids’ symptoms sounds like me at a young age – I grew out of it/was treated with medicine. When my mom’s friend went on the candida diet it clicked that that is probably what I had all along (and still have, obviously). Great that you are trying to get this under control when they are young – its a lot harder the longer you have it!

    Best of luck!


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    Thank you for the supportive comment, fje!

    Yes, I know what you mean…my brothers and I also had these symptoms and mostly outgrew them, but I still believe candida is the root cause, or one of the root causes…

    My kids are now taking “Attentive Child” supplement. It has a small anti-fungal component, but mostly magnesium. Behaviour is looking good but it is early days. Still seeking a small enough capsule with coconut oil/caprylic acid that my kids can actually swallow or chew up.

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