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    I was talking to Able about paneer, a type of unaged cheese prepared by separating the curd from milk, but the sugar seemed to be an issue. Kefir cheese is prepared in a similar way, but with kefir fermented for 2-3 days and a further day or so of fermenting after straining, so I’d imagine this means you’d end up with less sugar and even more friendly bacteria than the usual yoghurt kefir.

    It’s similar to cream cheese like mascarpone, and can be used as a spread, mixed with herbs and spices, or used in other recipes. It could open up some interesting culinary possibilities for phase 1ers. You might even be able to make something resembling a dessert with it.

    Here’s a site that explains it What do people think? Has anyone tried making it or tried a pre-made version before? Apparently it’s a staple in Russia, and there are variations in other countries like Germany, Poland, Israel etc.

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