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    I started using Kefir now and have used both organic cow milk 1.5% and non-organic cow milk 0.6% fat c. 500ml with a tablespoon of Kefir grains.

    The problem I experience is that the Kefir never makes the milk smoothy/creamy, it just strictly seperates it in curd and whey but the milk/Kefir not turned in curd or whey remains completely watery. I have checked it every few hours and I’m now doing the 2nd batch now with the same result. What am I doing wrong? I would like to have a creamy Kefir not curd/whey or cheese. I thought about to just seperate the grains and properly mix curd and whey back together, but not sure if this is the way you do it?

    Is there actually a way to get the grains grow back together? I ordered mine and they are mostly just all over the place which results in time-consuming fishing as I dont have a plastic strainer.

    Also does anyone know how long it will take for the grains to grow substantially, eg. to have another tablespoon of them?

    And out of interest, how often do you wash your milk grains with water? I have read online everything from after each batch to never (due to chlor).



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    Try using full fat milk.If there is a bunch of whey then you may have fermented it too long. Get it into another jar (minus the grains) as soon as you see the whey forming. Then let it ferment without the grains for a day. Stir it up and voila…

    The grains will separate or clump and it really doesn’t matter. Works the same either way.

    Mine took about 2 weeks to start growing noticeably. After that they started growing much faster. Fresh milk every 24 hours helps.

    You don’t have to wash them very often at all. Maybe every 5 months or so but it isn’t strictly necessary. Don’t use tap water though. It won’t kill them but it aint good for them.

    Experiment with it too. They’re very resilient so don’t be shy.


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    Hi epione,

    What temperature are you leaving your kefir in? Room temperature (23°C or 73 °F) is best; any colder and the process will slow, any warmer and the process may go too fast.

    Hope this helps.


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    Excuse me for hijacking this thread, but I wondered whether anyone could say whether it is ok to drink kefir whey (as opposed to the smooth and creamy milk kefir)? I’m not sure if this is just basically alcohol and so contains sugars, or not? Thanks…

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