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    Yesterday my friend who is well-read in nutrition issues told me she stopped making kefir because she read that over time the kefir babies stop making the beneficial bacteria. I didn’t ask her what her source was and I’m hoping the source was wrong.

    Have any of you heard any thing about this? It seems to be false to me.



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    I think if they stopped, you would notice your milk being spoiled and bad instead of fermented and sour. I’ve heard that keeping them in coconut milk only is bad, but I think as long as they’re getting milk, they should be fine.

    I’d be curious as to whether anyone else has read anything about this.


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    Under normal conditions milk and water kefir grains will keep their potency indefinately. Milk kefir grains have about 50 different strains of bacteria and yeast. Water Kefir has about 30. When they are out of balance you’ll notice a yeast smell first. You can normally rinse off the extra yeast and get the grains back into balance.It’s important to correct the problem that causes the extra yeast to form. Over culturing or culturing too warm is usually what starts the extra yeast. Milk kefir will not thicken if the grains are out of balance. Water kefir will not culture and look different if out of balance. Unless something catastrophic happens they should be fine. Excessive heat or possible cross contamination or starvation are some reasons why they wouldn’t do well.
    Hope this helps,

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