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    I just want to advise caution with regard to drinking Kefir as a probiotic, if you still have candida in your system.

    I had successfully followed a sugar, wheat, gluten and yeast-free diet for over a month (basically eating green veg, some meat and brown rice/quinoa – not easy as everyone knows). I had experienced quite severe die off, but was begining to see some real improvement in my symptoms and allergies and general energy levels/well being. I decided, on the basis of advice given on this website, to add kefir to my diet as a natural probiotic. I bought a starter kit and drank a small glass 3 days in a row. My symptoms all started to get worse and I felt pretty bad. Note, I did not change anything else in my very strict routine/diet.

    I immediately stopped the kefir and am back on track.

    It’s heart-breaking to have this happen after so much effort following the diet. Luckily I seem to have bounced back without too much of a negative effect on my health.

    Please think twice before using kefir – at least until you feel that you are fully clear of candida.


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    Also mention that kefir like vinegar is a high histamine food. So some people might have a sensitivity to kefir and think their experiencing die-off like symptoms with kefir when they could be actually experiencing a histamine overload.

    “6. Avoid fermented foods such as cheese, wine, vinegar, fermented sausages, soy sauce and sauerkraut as these naturally contain high levels of histamine.”

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