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    Hi I hope it’s ok to ask you another couple of q’s.

    Since I started making/drinking the kefir my ‘die off’ symptoms have increased.

    I’m wondering if:

    i) i’m drinking too much of it per day (been having a pint a day, but maybe I should be starting with really small amounts?)

    ii) i’m making it too strong? i’m using all about a tablespoon of grains to make a pint every 24 hours. but is that making it too strong for just a pint of milk? Lisa says ‘typically you might use 3 large kefir grains for a jar containing 3 pints of milk’ – so maybe over a tablespoon of kefir grains for a pint of milk is too much?

    iii) i’m leaving it for 24 hours too, is that too long?

    I’m using organinc whole cow’s milk as I have no access to raw milk.

    Many thanks and hope it’s Ok to ask this.

    Mark, UK


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    I’ve also started oil pulling with extra virgin olive oil, once a day for 5 mins, so not sure if that can cause die off too?


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    I don’t think that you can drink ‘too much’ of it. 1 pint is quite a lot tho. I drink 2/3 of a pint and I’m in week 9-10. It all depends on how bad your die off is and how much you like kefir.
    Try to find organic coconut milk or organic goat milk (if you don’t like coconut milk, like me).
    24 hours is normal, you can leave it even longer.


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    does it sound like i’m using too many grains though/making it too strong?

    also what difference will goat’s milk or coconut make? just curious

    many thanks!


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    I’m curious about this too.
    I bought from cultures for health and my grains are tiny and maybe only 1/4 tsp altogether.
    I started making them with only a cup of milk as directed to get them going for a week. By the end of the week I noticed that they would form curds and whey ( liquid separating out). So I’ve increased the amount of milk to 2 cups (also organic skim cows milk). Now after 24 hours I have a solid form that looks like a thick yogurt. When I strain it it starts to separate again tho. Is that ok?
    Do I have enough grains?
    They don’t seem to be growing. Some are so small I can barely see them, others are the size of grape pits.
    I’ve had them for only two weeks.
    Thanks for any help!!


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    You can drink too much, according to other posts I’ve read here. It’s like any other probiotic. The more you take, the more dieoff you’ll get and generally you don’t want to have noticeable symptoms of dieoff, for your eliminatory organs’ sake. Cut back to a half or even a quarter and see how your die-off is. I actually use a ton of grains in mine, because they’ve been multiplying well, compared to what you are describing, maybe a quarter to a third cup of grains per quart. I would guess it doesn’t make it stronger so much as it speeds the time in which the grains digest the milk sugars, shortening the ferment time, which is definitely affected by temperature.
    I don’t let mine go much more than 24 hours (but it is warm here right now, that may lengthen this winter) and my curds range in size from eraser tip to marble-sized. If you let them go too long, you run the risk of starving them. Are you letting them ferment at room temp? If so, I’d strain and drink or put them in the fridge after a day to a day-and-a-half, to prevent them from consuming all the sugars and dieing off.
    I’ve seen people making this with both goats milk and coconut milk. I would imagine the taste differs some, but the probiotic benefits should be the same.



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    Keep in mind that the more you use doesn’t necessarily mean the faster you will recover. I agree with sue and its best to avoid die-off at all costs.


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