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    Hi all, 55-year old male I’ve been suffering from a raft of symptoms for many years – gas, bloating, muscle/joint pain, fatigue, depression, sinus, etc. The only real visible sign of candida I have seen is under the foreskin, where many times over the years I have noticed the thick white substance with the strong odor. (I know, gross, but it is what it is). This is sometimes in conjunction with the other symptoms. 3 days ago I decided to try the candida diet and have stuck to it pretty strictly. I’ve also been taking the probiotics. This morning I have very loose bowels (after mild constipation for a few days). I am hoping this means the start of die-off, but who knows? Last night I had beef and kale for dinner so could be something to do with that. I am just connecting mostly because I am happy to find fellow sufferers and to get any advice you think might help.


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    Probiotics and a change in diet could easily lead to loose stools, temporarily. Especially if you’ve been eating a high sugar diet up to this point.


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    Candida on genitals is often related to candida in kidneys. You are going to need specialized treatment to get over genital related yeast problems imo, more than what we can provide here on the forum.

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