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    “I was just having a cigarrette after ‘smoking it up’ and then all of the symptoms hit me. I felt like I could’ve passed out at any time. And then because I was worrying about it, it made it worse.”

    This is the beginning of my epic candida related story. Hi I’m raster and I am a fairly young guy new to the forum. I lived in a “nice” apartment in 2010 without a fan in the bathroom(health code violation). I was out of work for 2 years because its a tough economy. I did nothing but sit on my ass and apply for jobs all day long and complete training. Barely any fun at all being broke. I drank a lot of beer, smoked a ton, stayed up late, and ate a very poor diet consisting of nothing but dairy and grains. I lived with the mold for 2 years (located in the bathroom) and it never got cleaned because I didn’t think it was harmful, and I barely noticed it (and im an idiot). Should have just taken a sponge with some bleach to it…but I was busy looking for a job!

    My health slowly declined, but I barely noticed it because I just felt bad from being unemployed in general. Then the ‘event’ happened.

    After the first sentence happened, I had sharp pains, tremors, limp body feelings, etc for the first time. It was really scary. I felt I was going to have a stroke or heart attack that night and my anxiety made my blood pressure race. After feeling fatigue after these symptoms, I decided to go to the hospital because I was all over the place. I did not know what was happening to me, I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

    The ER said that I have “hyperventilation. Its a physiological condition, meaning its unrelated to smoking and eating poorly. Its related to how well my body is physically.”

    They said “If my body cannot regulate its own CO2 levels, then it will give me those symptoms and my body will want to shut down. Some people can pass out from it, but to get over it, I just have to breathe in a bag.”

    This is how toxic candida my reaction was the first time. I thought it was hyperventilation at first (according to ER), then mold poisoning (self diagnosis), but in reality, it probably was an extremely toxic candida reaction. Maybe about the most toxic you can get considering my diet and lifestyle.

    I still have no idea for certain what it was I had, but ever since that I day I started on my path of discovery. I did blood tests with crummy doctors, then had my brain EKG’d for unusual activity. Still no idea what caused the seizures and what caused candida. Did everything the doctor’s recommended as far as getting healthier(other than quittin smoking). Still no reference to candida or mold poisoning, they didn’t even think it was possible.

    I moved the heck out of that place after having seizures regularly in my sleep night after night. One night, every time I went to sleep I had a seizure. Around that time, I started to get a reaction to regular yogurt for the first time. I knew something wasn’t right. Food didn’t taste very good and I was extremely tired.

    Then, I started to have my first regular daily candida symptoms. Inability to cope with any amount of stress, headaches, excessive fatigue, problems with my blood sugar levels, cravings for alcohol, anxiety, hair loss, massive cravings for sweets, inability to think clearly or concentrate, struggling to speak/stuttering, hyperactivity, mood swings, inability to focus on simple tasks that were easy only months before, diarrhea then constipation, constipation then diarrhea, body itching, rectal itching, night sweats, depression, dizziness, poor memory, minor earaches, low sex drive, muscle weakness, joint pain, extreme irritability, learning difficulties, extreme sensitivity to cigarette smoke, heart palpitations, cognitive impairment, skin rashes, food allergies, abdominal gas and bloating, muscle spasms, tremors, and seizures in my sleep. I lost a lot of hair rapidly and I looked ill and pale. I thought I had cancer or something. Lost 10-20 pounds and was not hungry. I weighed 145 and am 6ft.

    I decided it was time to sleep elsewhere because I felt so bad in that apartment. I noticed I felt good when I wasn’t there only. I tried out my girlfriends place for a night. The environment seemed so much cleaner at her place…it was like going on a vacation; I could finally breathe well for the first time in a week! Wow, clean air! Still was having seizures though…I did some detective work, and removed the carpet that had about 1 in of dust underneath it. After that night I never had seizures again. It also was the night I started to change my life.

    I learned more about toxic mold poisoning and I read up a little tiny bit on candida. I just figured that the mold made me so ill that I needed to detox from that only. This candida thing didn’t sound so serious when compared to that, I mean, it’d be easy to get that out of my body, right? During the next 5 months I slowly was feeling better. Not as much hyperventilation, no more weight loss, a little happier…overall improvement bottom line. The only problem was I noticed I had “reactions” to nearly everything I ate. It no longer was hyperventilation but an allergic reaction. I just figured that it’d go away eventually. I had this the whole time after that first paragraph and just thought it was the mold in my body reacting to the food I ate.

    Altering my diet even more, I felt that what I was eating the next month was “good enough” to get better. Wrong. I went “all organic” on my food and started acupuncture. I then tried removing more foods; I read up more on candida and you have got to do a strict diet removing all of the foods that I love. Every single item. No more drinking with friends!

    A few months later I knew I had candida because I wasn’t getting better. I then did the spit test and it came back positive. It all made sense.

    Starting 20+ weeks ago (today’s date) I have been on the candida diet as best as I can. I am failing some on it, but I think I can do it eventually. Considering how good I feel now, I feel that I have overcome a lot. The only problem is that I am only halfway there, and I need to purify myself of this villain even more.

    I have done a number of things incredibly wrong for these 8 weeks and I just hope that I can get over it completely. Starting month 2 no more dairy (except greek yogurt) and no more rice. I am going to start eating different foods and no more coffee. I will let you how I feel in another 8 weeks, but I feel that I have killed off 50-90% of the candida so far. This is when compared to 9 months or longer ago; but I wont ever really know for sure because I’ve been ill for so long. All I know is that I once was having seizures and now I can do normal things again like have sex. I also know that each time I refined my diet it was still not good enough.

    I just wish I knew more at the beginning and what I was actually ill with the first time. I wish I tried this diet sooner. I wish I felt good a long time ago. I just hope I can have a beer on my wedding day. This is the most intense thing I have ever had to deal with in my life and I look forward to the day I can eat normal food again (if possible). The recession has ruined my life but now I am onto the road of recovery.


    My half-ass road to recovery if you want to do it pain-stakingly slow and pathetic:

    Month 1)Cut all non-organic food from diet. Fruit juice is not allowed. Eat a salad once a day.

    Month 2)Cut all white sugar and alcohol from diet. I used to drink 3 days a week! One candy bar a day, bag of gummy bears once a week. Stop it!

    Month 3)Cut all fast food and condiments. I used to eat out daily or sometimes twice a day. Start acupuncture!

    Month 4-7)Slowly reduce frequency of acupuncture, cut all honey, cane sugar, and sub-sugars. Eat nothing but pasta, hamburgers, salads, chicken and rice. take more vitamins.

    Month 8)Start strict anti-candida diet (mine wasn’t good enough first time through, I had dairy, rice, coffee, regular yogurt, salad dressing).

    Month 9)Continue strict anti-candida diet. Stop dairy, rice, coffee, regular yogurt, salad dressing and any other bad foods. Start some supplements.

    Months 10)Continue anti-candida diet. Start new supplements.

    Month 11)Started naturopathic supplements after consulting an alternative doctor; 2 days of recovering with these supplements feels like 2 weeks before I went to doctor. How strange…I am recovering so fast! I think I am going to eat some pizza or hamburger soon, it is not far away at last!

    Month 12)Symptom free except for (adrenal) fatigue. No reactions to bad foods and eating potatoes on weekends. Still on the candida diet, but won’t be on it forever because I know I need to gain some weight!

    I could’ve just started month 12 at month 1 and I would’ve been almost better now! Remember, no cheating!



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    Hey Raster, I’m looking forward to hearing about your progress as I’ve had many of the same symptoms as you (except for the seizures)


    Mike Kelley
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    Hey Raster, cut yourself some slack. Candida is a very tough enemy, and you are bound to have lots of setbacks in your struggle to become well. I have been fighting it for years so I know.


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    Dude, I am almost healed from candida and will follow this post up with an update soon. Its working very well!


    My special diet:
    pumpkin muffins, scrambled eggs, greek yogurt + blueberries for breakfast.
    salad and sunflower seeds for lunch.
    buckwheat and chicken for dinner, coconut bread or another(yeast free) bread, and salad.
    one green tea in morning

    snacks: crackers and guacamole

    These were prescribed my naturopathic doctor and are only meant for me. Also, many are not available for purchase unless you have doctor’s approval. I have healed fast after these new supplements. Some of these I learned about from the forum as well!

    The new supplements I am taking have not been mentioned on this website as far as I know and have worked very well for me:

    Pro-gest enzyme (helps body break down foods)
    juniperus communis (juniper shoots)(urinary tract)
    undecenoic acid fish oils(formula SF722 gelcaps)(6x stronger than capryllic acid aka coconut oil)
    digestive enzyme liquescence (helps disgestion)
    drenamin (helps adrenal fatigue)

    Other well known ones:
    glutamine (get a non-bovine form of this)
    pau d’arco
    renewlife 50 billion probiotic

    Also a very interesting subject, my doctor suggested taking a probiotic that has IMF; Human micro flora.


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    I haven’t updated this post a long time; I have a history of my journey at the following link:




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    Raster, The sf722 ever give you any side effects? Any brain fog from taking it?


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    I only noticed benefit and it reduced many of my symptoms. Keep in mind I took a few natural antifungals months before starting SF722 which no longer caused any die-off, so when I switched to SF722 I had no die-off.



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    Wow Raster your story is so encouraging thank yu fr posting it it definitely gives me courage to continue on this quest!!! I do hope you can drink beer on your wedding day and I think you will 🙂 Keep up the good work!!!

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