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    Hello. My name is Josh. I’m avoiding starting this journal because I’ve done journals like this before, and once i’ve gotten started it’s difficult to stop until there’s been some indication of success. There’s no turning back now.

    I’ve probably had some form of candida overgrowth for a decade or more. I’ve had the symptoms of a mild oral thrush for years now, and I originally had a problem with tinea versicolor for the first time a dozen years ago. Tinea versicolor is a minor fungus which populates the skin of people with weakened immune systems, those who live in high humidity areas, or those who eat yeasty, sugary foods, and consume alcohol. So it’s related to candida, I’m sure. I’ve been stressed out lately, and my diet has probably had a slight increase in processesed, sugary foods. Stress lowers the immune system, and I’ve been pretty stressed this fall and winter.

    I have a good deal of mercury in my head with quite a few teeth with old metallic fillings. The mercury kills off good bacteria, while my high sugar, high alcohol, high bread and cheese consumption diet created the perfect environment for an overgrowth of candida.

    I thought i was a healthy guy, and overall I am in pretty good shape. I’ve been vegetarian for the last few years, and I’ve done periodic fasting, as well. I’ve done the “Master Cleanse,” lemonade fast on three occasions for extended amounts of time. The “Master Cleanse” is great, aside from the fact that it’s built to funnel food to candida. The saltwater flush part of this diet, which is a quart of saltwater to be drank every morning to clear the colon offsets some of the sugar. It must clear some of effects of the maple syrup, and my tongue was clear after finishing this fast/diet, but vegetable juice fasts are superior to the “Master Cleanse” in that they avoid feeding candida.

    So, while I’ve done difficult food regimens before, I was always able to incorporate some sugar in there. Sugar is the one bad habit that I’ve never kicked. Caffeine, meat, dairy, alcohol, and more have been excluded from my diet at one time or another. Never has sugar been excluded from my diet. This is a very difficult challenge for me, and I empathize with people who have such horrible times kicking substances like tobacco, and heroin.

    Anyway, I’ve had tinea versicolor, which is known as “sun spots,” “haole rot,” or just as a skin fungal infection, for a few months now. I’ve dealt with it before, and over the course of the last decade I’ve learned to use “Selsun Blue” as a body wash and let that 1% selenium sulfide keep away any sun spots. But lately the spots began to expand, and I’ve got it on my head, too. I’ve had tinea versicolor this bad when I lived in tropical weather, but not in my current mediterranean climate.

    So, anyway, here I am pretty much ignoring that I’ve got candida, my girlfriend had been telling me so for months, and I’m worried about the tinea versicolor. I go to the doctor and request an antifungal to kill the TV. I fill my prescription of 4 150 mg pills of Fluconazole. I take 3 of them, 450 mgs. Then I go hike a few miles to get the sweat pouring out so the Fluconazole will come out through my skin and kill the TV.

    A few days pass. My skin has pale, circular spots on new locations on my forearms and back. I check my tongue and it’s got a thicker than usual white coating. The candida and TV took a hit from that 450 mg of Fluconazole, and I had some die-off headaches, but It wasn’t enough to kill my seemingly systemic fungal problem, and it came back with a vengeance.

    Now it all sinks in. The TV and candida are related, and the bad bacteria are winning the battle big time down in my gut. I haven’t had other fungal problems like jock itch, or foot or hand fungi. My thrush is not as gnarly as some of the pictures you see online. And sometimes it’s really hard to tell if you have “fuzzy thinking,” “depression,” or “lack of energy,” or to what extent those things might be attributable to candida. It’s hard to say. So basically I’m thinking I have a moderately severe problem with candida, but it’s not exactly incurable and life-threatening.

    Today’s the 17th. I took those Fluconazole pills on the 4th. It’s been a couple weeks, and i’ve started a little program to fight the fungus. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

    Vitamins & Herbs:

    Now Candida Clear” Caprylic Acid, Pau D’Arco, Black Walnut, and Oregano Oil. Along with Biotin.

    Source NaturalsLife Flora” 3 Billion Cells.

    Source NaturalsSugar Ban” Gymnema sylvestre, Grapefruit Pectin, Pullulan, and a little Lactobacillus.

    Planetary NaturalsCandida Digest” Bai-Zhu, Atractylodes Rhizome, Asafetida Gum, Resin, Caraway Seen, Cumin Seed, Ginger Root, Long Pepper fruit, Black Pepper Fruit, Slippery Elm Bark, Dandelion Root, and Rock Salt.

    Now4×8 Probiotics” 8 Billion Live Cells.


    Pau D’Arco and Peppermint tea.


    Bad Things:

    I have eaten a half a loaf of sprouted wheat bread. It has yeast in it.

    I ate some cheese and tortillas last week.

    I was using mustard to eat veggie dogs with sauerkraut. I also ate about 6 wheat buns.

    I had a bunch of tofu.

    Good Things:

    I haven’t drank any wine or beer or hard liquor in two weeks.

    Sea Vegetables

    Apple Cider Vinegar and water to chug down cloves of garlic every day.

    I’ve eaten a quite a bit of yogurt.

    2 kombucha teas.

    Been drinking more water.

    Exercise & Detox

    I’ve surfed a couple of times.

    Baths with “Selsun Blue” in the water along with Epsom Salts, and Lime Oil.

    I’ll update soon. Today it looks like the white coating on my tongue has lessened a little bit.


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    Journal Post #2 12-20-10

    Ok. I’ll give a quick little update. Everything seems to be going very well. How I’m mainly judging my candida is by my white tongue. Elimination will be a good way to gauge how the ecology inside my gut is going. And then, I guess I will be able to tell that I feel better overall. But, mostly I’m focusing on my tongue. I may have a problem with candida only to the extent that it produces thrush in the mouth, but that’s probably a little unrealistic. I bet it’s as bad in my gut as in my mouth, and the main focus of this all is getting the candida that lives in gut back into balance.

    So, that being said, my tongue is looking better. It no longer has the white coating on the tip and there is an area in the middle back that has also cleared up, and is looking nice and pink.

    I’m assuming that I’m succeeding, and I’m just going to keep going on the path that I’m on and add in some new treatments to do the job as well as possible.

    New treatments: Sodium Bicarbonate, otherwise known and baking soda. I’m taking it internally, and a good amount in my baths. One bath I added Selsun Blue, Epsom Salt, Baking Soda, and even some Apple Cider Vinegar. Then in another bath I added some old Barley Grass that had a expiration date of a year prior. But the main thing to note is the 1/4 teaspoon of Baking Soda that I drink with water or water with Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon. This is all to increase my alkalinity.

    New treatment: I’ve been using Desenex powders on my skin to discourage or eliminate the fungus tinea versicolor. On this point it seems that i’m improving with the TV, too. It’s hard to tell though because whether you kill all the TV or not you will still have white spots for a month or two because the fungus emits a bleach byproduct that temporarily discolors the skin. But, I can watch to see if the spots move to new places, and I have to say, yes, they did. But that seems to possibly be a die-off thing because right after I took the Fluconazole, a few weeks ago, they got worse. But now I haven’t seen any new spots for the last few days, and it seems like the color is blending back no normal in some areas, but it can be hard to tell sometimes, too.

    So, in sum, I’m pretty happy with everything right now. It seems like I’m slowly but surely killing all the candida, and replacing it with probiotics.

    I’ve doubled my probiotics today, taking 4 pills a day instead of the recommended 2. This ups my count to 24 billion. Then I take two other vitamins that add about 3 or 4 billion more.

    I’ve been trying to get lots of rest, and keep my stress low.

    Big change of diet. This diet can be ridiculously hard. It seems like there is nothing to eat. I realize how much I used to rely on cheeses and breads and sweets. I ate a crapload of carbs. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 3 years now, and I see that although I have improved my diet overall, I make up for the exclusion of meat by substituting the inclusion of way too many carbs, and processed sweets, and all that junk. Also one of my favorite things is simply some red wine with bread and cheese. I suppose I have a touch of French in me, and this is a classic combo, but that is way too much yeast and alcohol. I’m a fairly consistent drinker of beer and wine and spirits in general. I tend to drink at least a little bit probably 5 days out of the week. Not to the point of being drunk, but small portions regularly.

    So I’m a vegetarian, I get on this candida diet, then I realize that there’s nothing for me to eat. I just bought a bunch of tofu, oops, can’t eat that. No vinegar so that takes out all the condiments and dressings. When I first started this diet I was eating veggie hot dogs with whole wheat buns and mustard and sourkraut. It took me a while to realize, uh oh, can’t eat these buns. Oops, no veggie hot dogs. Oh man, I can’t even be eating this mustard, it has vinegar in it. When I finally discovered exactly what you can and can’t eat I felt a bit worried because I wasn’t sure how I was going to get my nutrition. I decided I should go back to eating meat while on this diet, just to make it easier by having more options and easier to get a balanced diet.

    Then of course I mess up. I buy spicy sausages. They were better tasting than the veggie dogs, but then I realized I shouldn’t have bought such a processed food, with plenty of bad stuff in it. Up next was a package of round chuck steaks. But then I realized I need to get meat that is organic and cleaner. But these meats will do for now. I realize it can seem impossible at times to follow the diet exactly, but I think it’s ok to not be perfect and the focus should not only be eliminating yeasts and sugars from the diet, but killing candida with meds or supplements, and then taking billions and billions of probiotics to overwhelm the ratio in my stomach. So it’s a three-pronged attack, and there are different ways to be effective.

    I figure protein, fresh veggies, water, plain natural yogurt, sourkraut are the main parts of my diet right now, and the main things to avoid or sugar, alcohol and yeast. I try to look at it simply and not stress too much when I mess up. For instance, I’ve had a few pieces of Ezekial sprouted wheat bread over the last few days. It contains yeast, but it’s probaly a third as yeasty as Wonder Bread, or something like that, and I don’t think it’s going to ruin things entirely. In fact everything seems to be doing fine as I’ve done it so far.

    Pretty soon I’m going to get a high powered Grape Seed Extract, and some Clove Oil, and maybe some Oil of Oregano. I’ll start cycling through these. But first I need to finish off the candida products I already have. I’ll probably start just upping my dosages a bit on all my vitamins that I already have to really flood my body with them, and finish them off.

    I’ll try to post again soon.


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    Journal Post #3 12-21-10

    I guess I shouldn’t make it seem like peaches n’ cream. I was able to get my tongue pretty clean and pink last night because the white coating is going down generally, and I also brushed my tongue with baking soda, which cleared it up pretty quick. But when I checked this morning there was a thin white coating across my whole tongue again. So I think I’m going to have to daily brush my tongue. I also have a tongue scraper that I rarely use.

    Also on my left and right arms right below my shoulders I have either dry skin or a different kind of fungus. There are patches of peeling skin that look like they might be a fungus. If it’s dry skin it’s probably just a reaction to all the baths I’ve been taking with “Selsun Blue” or all the baking soda and epsom salt. I don’t know if this is die-off or a new problem to deal with.


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    I have had similar patches, but they itched. At times, they felt like scars. I used very hot water, then cocoa butter on them. After die-off, they went away.


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    Thanks, Eileen.

    Actually, I don’t think they are as bad as when I typed my last post. My left arm had a pretty good area of the dry, flaky skin. It didn’t really itch, though. Yesterday I used a plastic loofah to gently scrub and exfoliate my skin, especially in that spot (with Seslun Blue and another gentle body wash). When I checked that area out later it looked better. Less flaky skin. So I think it’s a passing thing with the die-off, or something. The body can do weird stuff in a healing crisis, like cleanse old toxins through skin.

    My tongue is doing really well, and looks pretty darn clear. I think the gargling and brushing the tongue with baking soda really deals with oral thrush quickly and effectively. But I don’t want to get too overconfident and start eating the wrong foods yet. I’m going to assume that it will take longer to get enough good bacteria deep in my gut, and all the candida out. I’ll try to err on the safe side.

    But another good looking sign is my elimination. It’s a clear indicator of how you are digesting, and how your stomach flora is doing. Mine have improved, and are consistent. That’s a great sign. My body has adjusted to eating meat really well. There have been maybe 5 or so occasions over the last few years where I have eaten meat. It usually involves me feeling impolite or rude not to eat what is offered to me. So, I really haven’t had many occasions for my stomach to readjust to the stomach acids that dissolve meat. But my body has reacted splendidly, with one period right at the start where I was having really bad cramps and gas, and even headaches. That was right at the start when I first took the Fluconazole, and started on the new diet. I think the probiotic foods and supplements are really helping.

    I’ve said in my earlier posts how I have fasted before, and have dealt with food cravings. Well, two things: First, I’ve had a food dream again. In this dream I was eating chocolate and 3/4 of the way through realized that it was something I wasn’t supposed to eat. I reacted in a panic, then woke up. I used to have these types of dreams when I was doing the Master Cleanse. Funny.

    Also, it’s the holdidays and everyone has some damn delicious looking cookies. There were some that magically appeared at my job this morn. Very difficult to avoid, but I did. I covered them with my jacket while I was at work.


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    Journal Post #5 12/24/10

    Ok. Quick update:

    Everything is going pretty good. The dry skin or skin fungus on my upper arms pretty much went away with a couple gentle scrubs in the bath. My bath combination is Selsun Blue, Epsom Salt, Baking Soda, Barley Grass (expired), and some lavender and lime oil. I’m doing this to deal with the tinea versicolor fungus on my skin, as I’ve said before. So, here’s the thing that really sucks about tinea versicolor: You can’t tell when it’s dead. The spots it creates are bleaching of the skin from a fungal byproduct, and even once you’ve killed the TV it still takes a few months for the pigment of the skin to slowly blend the skin tone. So right now I’m pretty much sure that I’ve killed it, it’s not growing; but I can’t be totally sure, and that bugs the crap out of me. But it seems like it’s blending back slowly but surely, and it’s not growing anymore. I think the growth period was just a die-off effect that lasted for about a week after I took the Fluconizaole. It’s hard to tell whether it is the diet changes or probiotics or the candida killer vitamins or the Fluconazole that have been so effective curing the oral thrush I had on my tongue. But I’m guessing that the Fluconazole gave the fungus a big hit, but couldn’t kill it, and the other ingredients combined have given me results so far. But, like I said a minute ago, I can’t be totally sure about the TV, but my tongue is still nice and clear, and it does feel like I have a bit more energy. Then again, I’m not drinking now either, so that may be having an effect. I’m sure it is. I was not a huge drinker, but a regular one.

    I recently went to a large natural foods store and saw that there are enzyme supplements that break down the cell wall of candida, and kill it that way. They use high amounts of cellulose, protease, and amalyse to kill candida. I had read about “cell wall” supplements for candida I wasn’t exactly sure what the ingredients were. Now that I understand this method I really like the sound of it, and think you could probably deal with candida with just “cell wall enzymes,” probiotics, and by excluding sugar.

    Anyway, I’m too broke to buy them right now. I also wanted to buy liquid GSE Grape Seed Extract, but I’ll have to wait on that, as well. I did end up buying some clove powder to make tea. I had bought some more Pau’D Arco tea a few days prior.

    I’ve been eating meat and my digestion and elimination have been good.

    I haven’t been taking the baking soda or garlic internally the past couple days. I realized one thing about taking baking soda internally: don’t take it right after eating or with any food in the stomach. It disarms all the acidity of the stomach which is needed to break down foods, and you’ll have your food sit there and possibly some indigestion.

    I ate a couple of pieces of pizza today. It had yeast in the dough and probably vinegar in the tomato sauce, not to mention cheese. I avoided drinking a coca cola. This was pure weakness on my part with respect to the pizza; I shouldn’t have eaten it. Oh well, my attitude is this: I’m in it for the long haul, so I need to take the long view, and make changes slowly but steadily. If I were to be too perfect it would make me more likely to blow it on one gorgefest freakout. Also I’m not relying exclusively on the diet, I still think probiotic massive attack is the best route as of right now.

    Happy Holidays.


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    I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much over straying off the Candida diet. I’ve found that it’s almost impossible for me to keep, especially when eating out.

    By the way, what was the name of the cell wall enzyme that you saw at the natural foods store? I would be interested in looking into it.

    Merry Christmas!


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    Wow, that Candex is expensive stuff – $32.79 for 120 capsules. I’ll have to think a long time and do some research on it before ordering. I wonder how many doses it takes before results are seen. I’ve tried Grapeseed Extract, but it didn’t do much for me. Maybe it’ll help you. Everyone’s unique when it comes to Candida.


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    Hi Josh
    thanks for sharing your journal. I have spent hours trawling the internet for some advice. It seems most of it comes from people trying to sell products so it is biased.
    I finished a week course of antibiotics 2 weeks ago for h pylori. I have been off work since november because i was so poorly. The antibiotics wiped me out but i was hopefull I was cured. Sadly I have ended up with a bad case of candida.
    I have no trust in medicene, they just through pills at the symptoms without discovering the cause.
    My partner got me some fluconazole but I have a bit of a phobia about meds I have never taken so I wont take it. In the meantime i have ordered some candida clear and am waiting for it to come.
    I have been eating 2 cloves of garlic a day , this gives me a bit of tummy ache after but I want to believe its because it works lol. Yesterday i started mixing crushede garlic in a tablespoon of olive oil. all I can say is I had 3 seconds to get to the loo lol.
    I changed my diet 7 weeks ago because i read on the h pylori site that i should cut out all sugars, gluten and dairy. I also drink lots of water now. to be honest I dont feel any better for it but then i am a negative thinker and tend to dwell on every symptom and let it drag me down.
    My symptoms are exhaustion, although I have started to sleep more than i hqve in 10 months ( h pylori gave me insomnia amongst other things). I get awful stomach pain after eating and get short of breath even sitting down, heartburn is there but not to the point of taking meds for it, I was on omeprazole for years then I read its the cause of problems if taken long term grrr. I also get anxious and irritable and cant think straight. my throat is quite sore and i have thrush down below.
    Im just hoping that you and everyone else on here gets well. this is a really awful thing to put up with. Ive had a pretty rubbish christmas. I used to be a chocoholic lol now I cant even touch it.
    keep us informed with your progress because it helps other people too. x


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    I forgot to add that I have been taking manuka honey ( until I read its not good for candida) and apple cider vinegar. Now I must warn people that the acv has rottede my teeth, I have 5 teeth decaying, Im holding out for the dentist till I feel better. just be warned that after taking acv you should rinse your mouth with water because its acidic. Im thinking maybe i just drink it with a straw and just let it go straight down so it doesnt touch my teeth.
    I also use bicarb when i get heartburn it sees it off straight away.


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    hi kelandu.

    I’ll reply to you then do my update post. First off, I’m sorry you’re having such a rotten Christmas. I hope 2011 is much better for you.

    I looked up h pylori to see that it’s a type of stomach bacteria. I think between that, and the antibiotics, and the candida, and the fact that you have been on meds for extended time in the past, and the fact that you have poor digestion, you should really be on some good probiotics for a extended amount of time. Maybe you could add ginger or some other digestive enzymes to help you digest. I think HCI works to help you digest foods as well. Taking aloe internally is really good to soothe the stomach. Also, it’s really important to have fiber in your diet, and if not then take a fiber supplement. All these things will be good for your digestion and elimination. There are papaya enzyme pills, all kinds of different things that help with digestion.

    Oh yeah, ACV is really acidic on the teeth. I add a lot of lemon to my drinks and that is really acidic, too. I also have damaged the enamel on my teeth that way. A straw works good, or else, like you said, rinse your mouth with water after you drink Apple Cider Vinegar, or lemon.


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    Post #8 1-1-11

    First, let me say that I have added a cinnamon supplement to my anti-fungal vitamins.

    This last week I have not done so well. It was a holiday week and I neglected doing all the things I had been doing before. I quit taking my garlic cloves or baking soda water, and I even missed my anti-candida vitamins and supplements a few times; taking them once instead of twice a day.

    Also, I ate some food I shouldn’t have. I have avoided alcohol and sugar for over three weeks now. But I did eat some food with some processed sugar, a few grams, already in it. I’ve had wheat products but I’ve been pretty good avoiding the yeast. I’ve had corn based products, but I’ve avoided corn in it’s original form. I’ve done pretty good with the food, I feel. I’ve been eating more meat than I ever have, but I’ve managed to keep the sugar very low. I have been drinking coffee the past few days, and they say that caffeine causes an insulin dump which is bad, but, oh well, I have had some coffee.

    My tongue still does have a thin layer of coating, but sometimes it looks a little orange as opposed to white. I wonder if that’s because I’ve been smoking more, though. With no booze I have begun smoking a bit more, and I wonder if that’s it. Regardless, I still have a thin layer over my tongue, but I have noticed when I brush my teeth and tongue more often, and especially use baking soda on my tongue, it goes down and looks pinker. It does irritate me that only for a bright shining instance did my tongue look perfectly healthy and pink. Now it always seem to have at least a thin layer of a mildly orange looking tint. Not super bad to where you would really notice it if I stuck out my tongue, but it is there.

    My tinea versicolor is beginning to fade. The one thing I have stayed perfect on is taking baths and showers and keeping my skin with a layer of Selsun Blue on it to create inhospitable conditions for the tinea versicolor, and it seems to be working. I was tripping out a bit when it looked like there were some new spots on my right arm. But now it seems like it is all fading back into a normal, consistent skin tone, instead of all these leopard spots all over my shoulders and back. That is a big relief, let me tell you. I have been pretty lax in applying the Desenex anti-fungal powder to my skin. I probably should get back to that.

    Like I said, I have the new cinnamon supplement which I hope works really well. I got a few new vitamins on sale at the drug store. I picked up some B complex, and E vitamins. I just needed them in general.

    So overall I’m doing pretty good. My routine and diet lapsed a bit, but I’ve stuck with it. New Years Eve without any booze, boo hoo, but I’m still chugging along. I still plan to buy some more candida supplements, but money is low, and I’m going to wait till I run out of the ones that I’m taking now.


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    After I had quit smoking, the coating on my tongue disappeared. Sry to tell you this.

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