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    Hi all, I’m new here and really happy to come across this resource. I started the anti candida diet last week. I completed phase 1 and I’m now on phase 2. I was on IVF treatment for two years and I have frozen embryos and I am scheduled to do a frozen embryo transfer in two weeks time. I’m so nervous because it will be around the same time as I might experience candida die off symptoms. I am wondering if anyone has any experience/advice based on experience of doing IVF, specifically embryo transfers while on the anti candida diet. Thanks.


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    From my own experience, frozen embryos are fine. The problem is that you have to heat them up and therefore you lose vitamins. Raw is still the best way to go.


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    I would say that you should take it fairly easy on the diet, and make sure you are getting enough nutrients. Eat some low sugar berries, sweet potatoes, etc. Also avoid introducing anything like antifungals around the time of the transfer.

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