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    I’m Nat and I’m new here. Found this forum looking for an anti candida diet because I’m falling into the diet trap. I’ve been on gluten/dairy/sugar/yeast/soy free diet for 2 and a half months now but I keep finding foods which apparently I’m not supposed to eat and about which my doctor didn’t tell me (like potatoes/apples/carrots).

    I’ve been struggling with my skin for years going from the doctor to the doctor getting new antibiotics and finding I was getting worse every year (on the end my face looked like sunburn permanently covered in spots, hurting all the time). Apart from that I had headaches, mood swings and was constantly bloated.
    Trying new ideas and doctors felt too much after few years (I couldn’t handle another disappointment)
    Finally my dad found a private doctor who did some kind of bio resonance test and said my gut is a mess (oh what a surprise).
    First of all I got anti parasite tablets, Nystatin, probiotics, magnesium peroxide powder plus some herbs and loads of homeopathic drops (I don’t know if those helped anything). And diet which made me realise I was addicted to sugar.

    I also started reading loads of gut health related books and found hope.
    Bloating stopped and my face even though still getting some spots and being red didn’t hurt at all. After all those years.

    But a week ago I went to celebrate passing my driving test and ate 2/3 of gluten and dairy free orange and almond cake and from there it all went downhill (I’m sorry I’m crying while typing that but I don’t know what to do any more. Did I just shoot myself in the foot??). My face is a disaster. I couldn’t afford flying to see the doctor in July so I’m going in October but until then I need to sort myself out.

    Today I went to H&B, got some strong probiotics, garlic capsules and Methylsulfonylmethane tablets (as advised by really nice lady from the shop). Did any of you try that with your diet? How do you deal with indigestion? (never had that problem before the diet) Some books say fermented food is good, some say to avoid it. Personally I felt pretty bad after eating sauerkraut. Is kimchi something I should go for?
    I’m also thinking if seeing the nutritionist would be a good idea? (sometimes preparing meals + lunches to work feels like such a struggle). Can I avoid poultry and beef and eat fish instead?

    I hope I will find some advice from people who actually suffer from the same thing as me.

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