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    Hi guys,
    I am interessted to get some information how candida is affecting your stool.
    Is your stool allways out of balance when your candida is acting up or when you experience die-off? I have now for about 6 month a fine and balanced stool after a long period of diarre.
    Still when I flare upp with sympthoms I get dizzy, bloated, pain in stomach, itchy eyes and rectum but my stool is ok. At other times I can feel fine and get a violent diarre for a day and after everything turned to normal “stoolwise” I can still experience a flare of symptoms which are not in conection with the reaction in my guts expressed in stool.

    The everyday stool sample should be a good indicator for how healty one is in the intestines but I cant really get a grip on it yet and like to collect more data.

    Please share some of your experience. Are you too a person who can suffer candida like symptoms but have great healthy looking stool samples? Or is candida always connected with a messed up stool?


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