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    iv been on the candida diet since Januray
    so far iv been doing pretty well.. some times i have the odd slip up!
    cant help myself!!
    Last night i had 2 burgers at a BBQ and i had 3 vodkas with diet 7up.. i know so bold of me!!
    but i was pretty sick of only drinking vodka and slim line tonic all the time!!
    i get home and i feel so sick it wasnt like a drunk sick at all cuz i had only had 3 drinks!
    it was the sick feelin i used to yet before i went on the diet.. when id eat pizza or drink sweet drinks
    i spent half a hour puking
    is that normal if you eat the “bad foods”?
    it happened a few weeks ago too when i drank 2 fizzy drinks!

    if had a few slip ups over the past 6 months and every time i do i still get the horrible sick feeling!just under my chest as if my bra is digging into my chest.. how will i know when its gone and i can finally stop the diet and get my life back!!
    im sick of it!!

    thanks guys!

    oh and i have been takin Dida tablets and Uno’s SUper 8 too!! none of them seem to be helping!! i still get thrush every month!! πŸ™


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    A slip up after following the diet for that long shouldn’t cause vomiting. I don’t really know the answer, sorry. I really think you should consult a naturopath doctor.

    Best of luck!


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