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    My candida is gone as far as I can tell. My tongue is looking quite clear, my head isn’t buzzing and my food intolerances have decreased considerably. (And the itchy butt from the Nystatin went away too). I had a glass of carrot juice and about 20 minutes later, got prickly bites in random areas on my body for 30 mins to 1 hour after. this always happened throughout treatment whenever I ate anything sweet. I wonder if maybe this is normal – after all, one cannot get rid of candida 100%. At some time, it is going to feed again when one consumes sugar. What do you guy think? Thank you!



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    mygutleaks;48180 wrote: What do you guy think?

    I think you made your Candida very happy with a glass of orange sugar.


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    Its a pretty high dose of sugar because carrots are high in sugar. If you started out with some berries or apricots in comparison, you likely wouldn’t notice any symptoms. That likely was over 50g of sugar I am guessing which is like 2 coconut water’s.



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    1-½ hour delay sounds more like a allergy. Ask you MD?

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