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    Ok so I think I made a huge mistake.

    I’ve noticed a small amount of oral thrush for several months. It could have been there for years not knowing what it was, and I’ve also had cystic acne for years.

    So I had been thinking it may be related, and began trying to get rid of it. The diet, along with candex.

    I found it impossible for me to stay on the diet and got deperate and messed up.

    My mom had diflucan for herself so I took it for 5 days and say great improvement. I then stopped because I was seeing breakouts from the dieoff and figured I would use it as a head start and go back to the candex. So 5 days after stopping diflucan I went to my friends and had a long weekend of binge drinking and eating unhealthy.

    I’ve never felt so weird in the days after and I wasn’t recovering.

    Now 5 days later and I feel dull fatigue, indigestion after every meal, bloating, and nervous/anxiety feeling.

    Does this mean the Candida came back worse and possibly spread to my gut? I felt fine before except for acne and visible thrush.

    Please let me know what you think.



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    Some “treatments” may actually make things worse. If one jumps into many of those “treatments” at the same time it may get confusing and difficult to understand what’s going on.


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    I noticed similar problems. If I reduce candida and then go back to eating normal, it comes back with a vengeance. In the beginning I had only acne, but today I have many more symptoms. I am not sure why. Perhaps what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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