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    Remy Rat
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    For almost all of my life I have suffered from athlete’s foot, a white coated tongue, bloody phelm and headaches. Being the son of a doctor, I’ve grown up as something of a hypochondriac. I’ve cried wolf to my dad for many, many things. Mainly things like “ZOMG! I haz cacer and/or AIDS/HIV!” My Dad would assure me that I do not have cancer and blood tests would constantly show that I do not have AIDS/HIV. About 5-10 years ago, I started having real bad “brain fog”, fatigue, drowsiness and abdominal discomfort. Occasional, I’d also have rectal bleeding but was told it was hemorrhoids.

    Back in September of last year I started having more abdominal discomfort, itchy throat and abdominal pain. My stool also started to look strange (irregular shaped, pasty, white mucus within it and would “poof” into a cloud when I flushed. I also started having bright red blood in my stool. So, being the hypochondriac that I was, I freaked out thinking I had colon cancer! My Dad, of course, told me it was probably just an infection and it would pass. I suffered through this for about two weeks before my Dad finally let me have a colonoscopy. The colonoscopy reviled that I had “holes” in my colon. I was diagnosed with “acute infectious-type colotis of unknown origin” and prescribed antibiotics. I was also told, of course, that I had no polyps and no sign of cancer.

    So I took the medication over the next couple of weeks. The rectal bleeding went away but I had developed a thicker white coating on my tongue that looked like white cheese, my butthole really started to itch and my stool smelled “wierd” (sweet not foul). My abdominal discomfort also had not gone away. I googled “white tongue” and once again freaked out. I found out that white-coated tongue was Thrush and that it was common in AIDS/HIV patients. So I freaked out and once again my Dad tested me and and said I was fine, I didn’t have AIDS/HIV. He told me what had happened was I had developed a yeast infection while on the antibiotics because they were killing the good AND bad bacteria in my body that kept a certain other bacteria in check.

    I found out that this other bacteria was called candida and it had overgrown because of the antibiotics. SO I had developed a yeast infection. My Dad said it was nothing to worry about and prescribed me Diflucon. It was a one time use pill and said the yeast infection would clear up in a few days if not a week or two at the most. I took the Diflucon and my tongue’s white cheese covering went away, but my tongue still has the thin white coat its always had. I had a follow up with a gastroanologist in November and was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. THe gastro doc said it was very common to develop IBS after a colon infection and it would clear up in a year or two.

    Well, that was back in November and its February now and I still have abdominal discomfort, lump in throat, white tongue (though not thickly coated) and brain fog. I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist for my brain fog, anxeity and stress, as well. The psychatrist, the gastroanologist, the surgeon (who did the colonoscopy) AND my father (my family doctor) have all told me that I have IBS and suffer from anxiety and stress. My Dad says it’s “all in my head.” Yet I can physically see that my tongue is white and I can physically feel a strange discomfort in my stomache and a constant “lump” in my throat like I need to hog a loogie. Plus, I have looked up the symptoms of Candida, I have taken the candida questionaire, and I have done the spit test.

    My symptoms parallel Candida symptoms, I scored an “11” on the questionnaire and I did the spit test last night and saw long stringy “legs”. I did the spit test this morning, though, and saw only short cloudy “legs”. I’m wondering if I did it wrong..or if it was just “mucus”. Either way, I think I may have Candida. It’s just too much of a coincidence.

    What terrified me the most about candida is that, if left untreated, it could lead to all sorts of ailments with the worst being cancer! According to several websites I found, the toxins released by candida could cause cells to mutate and become cancerous!

    Today I bought all the stuff I would need to begin natural detox. I’ve opted NOT to do the colon irrigation because I did that once before when I got the colonoscopy. Not something I want to have to do every day. So I’ve opted for the detox diet of daily detox drinks, liver flush and water. I guess what I’m trying to ask are two things:

    1.) Is this diet right for me? Better safe than sorry? Or should I not do this diet…

    2.) I really don’t want to starve myself or end up being malnourished during the colon cleanse. Could I eat food off the “foods to eat” list while taking the detox drinks and liver flushes or do I have to eat only steamed vegatables, vegatable broth? Since I have to do this process for two weeks I really don’t want to starve myself to death or become malnourished and weak.

    Please WBS.

    27 year old male.


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    Based on what you’ve said, I think this diet could really be helpful to you. In regards to your second question – the cleansing fast is optional. Some folks do it strictly, some omit it entirely. I chose to do a shortened fast (only 3 days) before moving on to Stage 1 of the diet. Good luck!


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    Here’s what I have been doing and it seems to be working great so far.

    1.I know they suck but at least do 2 or 3 colonics to get stuff moving. If you dont cleanse out your colon first I dont see any use continuing as candida loves to proliferate on fermented shit in your colon. Plus this will help to move some of the yeast out initially before you start the antifungals.

    2. Start the diet and take antifungals. You dont have to starve either. I initially was scared to death of losing weight due to lack of starch carbs but I have actually put on 2 pounds in a week. Just look for high calorie foods that are allowed, Beef, Avocados, Nuts, and grains like Quinoa and Millet are high in caloies. I have been rotating Collodial Silver, Grapefruit Seed Extract, PAu D’arco, and Oregeno Oil. This way it wont get used to any one of them.

    3. Once I get it killed I plan to start taking probiotics. Ive found if you start too soon its like trying to plant flowers in a garden already overun by weeds.

    4. After that I plan to try to rebuild my immune system so it can naturally fight it off. This is a main reason we get into this situation to begin with is our immune system is messed up. Mine was due to alot of alcohol consumption, a shitty diet, and alot of stress.

    If you have access to a sauna I would highly recommend that also. I have been going every 3 days it seems to help a ton. I just started a week ago and it hasnt been easy but I am feeling better than I have in years after just 7 days. Good luck man!

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