Is this die-off? And i STILL have NO energy!

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    Some help would be greatly appreciated! I have no idea whats going on or what to do and am feeling frusterated and confused.

    I spent 7 days on the cleanse (i slipped up twice during but didnt restart), 3 weeks on stage 1 and am on week 3 of stage 2. Since i began this program i have been VERY low on energy, often walking up a set of stairs or washing my hair is enough to enhaust me. I have tried adding a few things back into my diet including cheese, organic probiotic yogurt and blackberries. While the cheese and yogurt are okay i was sick for 3 days from the blackberries. Although its been over a week since the blackberry encounter i am still bloated, constipated and having lower back pain. In addition my heart burn has gotten REMARKABLY worse.
    Im taking oil of oregano in the morning and before bed and black walnut twice during the day.
    Im not sure if im experiencing symptoms of die off or just feeling generally ill. I have a mild headache when i wake, and have no appetite due to the bloating and constipation. I feel much like i have a brick in my gut.
    This is what im wondering… Am i in die off? how much harm did my initial slip up cause? do i need to completely start again? or just continue on and not add new food in? HOW DO I KNOW WHAT TO DO?


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    Hiya, I’m afraid I can’t give much technical advice as I’m new to all this (but there seem to be some amazingly knowledgeable people here) but I just wanted to say that I also feel like I’ve got no energy most of the time, and it’s horrible isn’t it? But at least we’ve found this forum and we know we’re not alone x

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