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    Hi Everyone, I’m new to the group and questioning if I have candida? About 6 months ago I developed a fungal infection on my 2 big toenails. My tongue then developed a thin white coating and a crack in the middle which is painful. 4 months ago my poo turned orange every day with little bits in it. It was pale orange every day except for 2 days when it was green. I literally haven’t done a brown poo in 4 months. I also started to experience diarreah and stomach pain when eating.
    2 weeks ago I started taking Nystatin and following this diet. My stomach pain has eased and my tongue is slightly less coated although my poo is still orange. I had a stool test done for bacteria which came back negative but my naturopath is pretty sure its candida. I think I just need some other peoples experiences as the colour of my poo is very disconcerting every morning and this all seemed to happen overnight.
    Thank you SO much in advance.


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    Hi Flynn,

    It definitely sounds like Candida, although the recurring orange stool is concerning. I found this article explaining that it could be from food (although at this point you may have looked into that and ruled it out)

    But it also could be from lack of bile absorption/not enough bile. I also found this that might be helpful:

    “Orange stool can be caused by a number of problems:

    your bowel movement is too fast, and your feces are not processed by bile during your digestion;

    your body is not producing enough bile all in all;

    the bile ducts that take it from the liver to the digestive system are suffering from an inflammation or are otherwise blocked;

    you are consuming too many foods rich in beta-carotene, like carrots, squash, sweet potato, pumpkin, kale, cilantro, turnip greens;

    you may be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

    Since the problem has been going on for so long, I would suggest seeing your GP about it, and possibly have a stool sample examined. If the culprit is your liver, you want to take action right away, by changing your diet, enriching it with foods that can naturally cleanse it, and maybe you will need some medication to help the process along, or to take care of your bile production if it is too low.

    It pays to take care of potential liver problems as soon as possible, because the liver is a very sensitive organ and it is always better to make sure that it is working all right.”

    Best of luck.

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