is this a die off symptom? then i'd be happy

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    i have been pounding myself with kefir, caprylic acid, grape seed extract and cut off most of the sugar from my diet and last few days I started experiencing possibly die-off symptoms: I just wanted to see if it really consistent with the usual die-off, since everyone has different symptoms:
    – lots of itching and rash anywhere in the body, skin folds, arm and legs etc.,
    – i am not experiencing braing fog if i look at the definition (trouble remembering thing setc.,) but I am certainly feeling some dizziness and spinning, this is prevalent if i change some body orientation: rotating while laying donw, getting up from lay down position etc.,. this seems slightly different than brain fog by definition.
    – i normally had bowel movement once per two days but just had one day in a row.
    Anyways I also started doing intensive detox methods including milk tiskle, just started l-glutamine to repair the gut and also doing sauna.

    I was expecting a longer period for the detox to take effect but if this is really die-off is happning then it came after juts a week of treatment period. I am wondering if this is unusual.


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    Hi Juliet,

    I started my anti-candida diet just a few days ago (+ taking antifungals) and I am experiencing EXACTLY the same symptoms as you! The itching is already getting better though. So I am pretty sure these are all die-off symptoms. Did you find a solution to get your bowel movement back to normal? I am literally kind of “stuck” with this…

    Hope this helps!



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    Pretty normal symptoms, check out this post with constipation:

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