Is there a reputable Candida clinic you know of?

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    I’ve been struggling with Candida for a fair few years, and have been writing a blog about my experience.

    Recently some of my readers have asked whether I know of an actual Candida clinic that helps to once and for all eliminate a persistent Candida overgrowth problem.

    I was hoping you might have heard of someone who successfully healed their issues with help of a clinic. My readers live in America, but I am also interested in hearing of any knowledgeable doctors/ wellness places in England where I live.

    Many thanks in advance for your help,


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    Yes. It’s called the internet.


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    What is the name of your blog? would be nice to read about your experience.


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    Sandra, I have been dealing with Candida for many years, but at its worst since 2012. I’m 24, and live not far from you – Devon!

    I visited Dr Denning from the Health Doctors on Harley Street, and their prices are very expensive. She doesn’t know as much about Candida/yeast as I do, but knows a lot about broader issues, like my adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. She’s recommended some supplements to improve my immune system, but done nothing to address my dysbiosis or gut/digestion issues.

    I am taking it slow, but hopeful I will see some improvements.

    My point is, they’re too expensive, and I’m sure you could get the same level of care for a cheaper price, but the places are mostly in London. A bit of research is needed then,


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    Your best bet is to find an international doctor who can help you on the phone, there are not many clinics that deal with candida specifically. A lot of them can treat yeast but there aren’t many “candida clinics.”


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