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    hey sue, just checking your ok with the flood thing!

    i think the pm facility on here has now gone down, including all my q’s and your great advice! :-((

    anyway just checking all is well!

    still getting awful die off here despite dropping off the antifungals, but have now started saunas so hopefully that’ll help

    mark :))


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    On here even, not ‘one here’!


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    I think she was upset that able got banned so she took off. I think she is silly for getting so upset.



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    ah really? she was really nice!

    sue come back! we need you!


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    Hi Mark,
    I hope you’re feeling better. I am, and I’m super grateful to Sean and his diet and protocol for it.

    I believe I have explained before that I felt I couldn’t continue to offer Sean’s advice on this board in his stead after he was banned for moving his protocol to an off-site blog.

    That said, I was recently put in touch with Sean via another member of the forum who used to post a lot, and he indicated that he didn’t mind if I shared some of his information with others on this forum, and I am willing to do that from time to time, now that I know that he does not mind.
    Thanks for asking after me and I do hope you’re making good progress!


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    Hey Sue,

    oh I’m glad you’re still out there and hope you were OK with all the floods?!

    Still struggling a bit here. Vaguely good days and v bad days.

    It freaks me out that after 3 months I can feel just as bad some days – quite profoundly unwell with fatigue and joint/muscle pain and stiffness and basically feeling unwell all over – which even makes me wonder whether I even have the right diagnosis. But doctors can’t find ‘anything’ wrong with me and this all came on during 4 months of antibiotics, plus I have thrush everywhere externally (which gets worse when I feel at my worst) and I scored so highly on the questionnaires, that I’m desperately holding onto the hope that it is candida and that I can be cured.

    I just don’t understand why I sometimes feel so bad, 3 months in, even if I haven’t added in any antifungals or foods.

    Someone said it could be accumulative die off as I was up to the highest does of Lisa’s recommended antifungals, but suddenly felt too rough to continue them. Have now been off antifungals completely for about a month and doing everything I can to ease die off, if it is that.

    Maybe the diet is working so well that that alone is killing candida and making me feel ill, or on the other hand I sometimes wonder if I’m not controlling it at all, and the actual candida (rather than the toxins) is getting worse. Not sure how it could be though, with my diet.

    It sometimes feels like an unreal and quite lonely thing to have huh. My doctors don’t even acknowledge it and it sometimes feels like it’s all just vague stabs in the dark with no definitive tests or proof. Although all my history points to it being yeast overgrowth and a serious case of it.

    I’m defintely thinking of swapping over to the protocol now.

    It’s a shame the PMs have gone down here as there was some great stuff in your messages which I didn’t print off.

    Anyway yes it’d be great to ask some questions at some point! I’m sure I’ll have some!

    Many thanks and hope you’re well,


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