Is SOYA sauce okay after phase 4?

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    My partner and I have been on the candida diet for 3 full months, without a single cheating!!!
    We’re feeling much better already though will continue onward with the diet, maybe adding a few things back in over time.

    We are going to Japan in May for 2 weeks and i am a bit worried about soya sauce and sushi, which will be everywhere there! So my question is:

    Is it okay to add authentic soya sauce in the diet on occasion, or at least some of it during those 2 weeks in Japan?


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    I think a little soy sauce is no big deal at all. If you’re using lots of it all the time, then Braggs or coconut aminos are probably better options. But if you’re on a trip to Japan then enjoy a little soy sauce!

    One thing to remember – sushi has quite a lot of added sugar. Not many people realize how much. Plus of course it’s white rice.

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