Is possible to cure candida eating small portions of rice or sweet potatoes?

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    I have been in a candida diet for about 5 months and I fell good but not perfect but this diet is very expensive. I read a lot of websites saying that rice and sweet potatoes are bad for your gut and will damage the walls of your gut (gaps diet or paleo) and they even say that humans are not disegned to eat grains :(. I´m not saying eating 20 oz of rice per day but I would like to eat whole grains everyday because is cheap. I´m so scared cause this mean that I´ll never be able to eat rice everyday even in small amounts like 3.5 oz of brown rice per day. The candida diet tells that even if you recover from candida you will never been able to eat normal again. Ok I don´t care if I don´t eat candy, colas, chocolate, bread or milk but I would like to eat everyday whole grains. someone can help me?



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    I eat nearly everything again myself and while I did have some set backs and it’s taken a fair amount of time, I am making progress towards a normal diet. I find making foods myself and using fermented foods can soften the blow. Making it yourself allows you to control the ingredients, while fermented foods are almost predigested and aid in digestion of similar foods.

    As for grains I’ve recently managed to get in daily grains in while still improving, I started off with a small amount twice a week and slowly moved up after a few weeks. What I use is a homemade sourdough culture “with any unbleached flour” and occasional some whole grain biscuits using “cream of tartar 2:1 baking soda” as baking powder.

    Chocolate; melt butter/coconut oil for 30 seconds in the microwave stir in some cocoa powder, salt, stevia, vanilla extract, occasional tsp of powder sugar or milk for taste, toss in freezer for an hour. For milk make yogurt, from yogurt you can make popsicles, pies, cream cheese, etc.

    I still like the cheap quick energy of cane sugars so I consume kefir water once or twice a week to help with digestion of small amounts of cane sugar I do consume. Also any problems with starches from vegetables, ferment some starchy vegetables it also helps with extra energy.

    I found the name of the game is finding that sweet spot, maintaining a base healthy diet where you get all of your base nutrients and calories for mild-moderate activity following the candida diet. After that point is when you can start adding in these cheap calories, to a certain extent.

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