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    How would you differentiate between candida overgrowth sympotms and candida die off sympotms?

    Lately I am having brain fog, losing my temper fast, and having so much anxiety. I am aslo getting very sensitive to sounds. Is this candida coming back or just die off sympotms? I had brain fog on and off but I have not had other sympotms for awhile.
    I didn’t take any antifiungals today but I did take probiotic 50 billion with 10 strains (renew life)in the morning and I have been taking it for three days but didn’t have these sympotms last two days. I also took a capsule of s. boulardii (10 billions per cap) which I just started today as I have veginal infection. I understand I should not be taking antifiungals while taking s. boulardii but I am not sure whether I should continue to take probiotic 50 billion with it. I also ate teff pancake which I just tried first time (I mean teff flour). I don’t understand which is causing those sympotms.
    At this point I don’t know which one should I stop? Should I start taking antifiungals (sf7222 and coconut oil)?


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    The symptoms you are describing are liver symptoms caused by candida die-off. What are you taking to protect your liver and kidneys from the toxins?

    Die-off symptoms last for a short period of time (but all day when you have them). Candida symptoms are more long term health problems.

    Plan on a 6-18 month recovery to get over candida overgrowth.



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    Thanks raster

    I am taking molybdenum and milk thistle for liver and kidney.
    I have been on the strict diet for a month. Do you think at this point i should try hulda liver cleanse by using Epsom salt? What are other ways I can get rid of toxin from my liver and kidney?

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