Is it all connected to Candida and when will my diet start to work?

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    Hi! I’m a 26 year old female with no serious health issues until recently.
    It all started 4-5 months ago. I was constantly sick, had 3 flues in 1,5 month and normally have them once or twice a year. For my first flu I took antibiotic and for the other didn’t take any medicine. My blood results were all OK all the time (did them 4 times in these couple of months): blood sugar, iron, hormones: everything was and still is OK. Then 3,5 months ago I started to have strange sensations in my head. At first it felt like low blood pressure (I have lower blood pressure my entire life, but it’s in normal range), tiredness and sinus pain. I was sometimes sensitive to neon light and computer screen at work seemed to be too light even if it’s always the same. I though it was migraine or tension headache, but then it started to happen almost on a daily basis. I would drink lots of water, took an extra coffee, even the pills but nothing helped. It wasn’t such a terrible headache, more like pressure in sinuses and constant tiredness, especially in the morning. Sometimes when I walk, talk or laugh, I get the feeling that my head gets full of air which can’t come out of my head and this feels like my head is blocked. The pressure ”moves” through my head from the center to both sides. If I don’t sit or relax in the worst moments, it seems like I will fall down or fall asleep. My ears always seem to be clogged since approx. 2 months, so I have been also experiencing dizziness, especially in situations where I am more involved (when talking or listening to people, or eating).
    I noticed that it gets worse on cloudy days, when I’m more tired, if I’m in a room without windows or with neon lights (stores, offices).
    I did allergy tests, it turned out that the only allergy I have is to fungus and molds, and it was classified as mild. The doctors gave me sprays (antihistaminic) and medications, but they didn’t help. I even felt more pressure in my sinuses so I stopped taking them after 3-4 weeks. I did a complete scan of sinuses and ORL exam – the conclusion is that I have a small nose deviation and allergic rhinosinusitis, which can cause pressure in sinuses and ears. But I have this deviation all the time and I am used to a light postnasal drip (I have it constantly for at least 10 years). Moreover, my recent blood test don’t show any tendency for allergies and my problems are now showing on a daily basis, no matter where I am and what I do.
    I also went to several neurologists and did EEG – everything’s OK. My vision is also great, have no diopter at all, no pressure.
    Other symptoms I had/have: white tongue (all the time), joint and muscle stiffness (not pain – especially knees, neck and shoulders; doesn’t bother me much), feeling of having high temperature or feeling drunk/sunburnt (it happens every couple of days); feeling dehydrated even if I drink 3 litres of water a day: dry mouth and throat (recently, every day); dry eyes with floaters (sometimes), rash on my hands (rarely); nausea (because of dry mouth and blocked ears); feeling I can’t breathe properly (it happens from time to time; doesn’t bother me); tiredness, especially during and after lunch; mood changing (I became more sensitive to stress, so I react more than usual both to good and bad news); heavier PMS than usual.
    Two months ago I had also some problems with insomnia and faster heart beating which lasted for 1-2 weeks, but is gone spontaneously.
    By accidence I saw the reason for this could be Candida overgrowth. Before this all started to happen, I was tired all the time (with no other symptoms), used to eat a lot of carbs and junk food and drank a bottle of Coke every day, was also stressed at work.
    I didn’t connect it before 1 month ago, when I did Candida antibody test from blood. It turned out positive, but only IgG positive, which meant I’ve had a chronic candisiasis for about 6 months. However, what worries me is that my result is only 34 (normal range is up to 30, and the maximum is 123). Is it possible that all my symptoms come from that? I did also other tests to prove Candida, but they couldn’t isolate Candida from my nose, throat and mouth.
    I started anti-candida diet a month ago and started taking supplements (probiotics, coconut oil, lemon, garlic) but I still don’t see the results. I know I have to be patient, but am wondering if these could be signs of other illnesses too – any ideas? Help from Candida sufferers would be much appreciated. Please let me also know if you recognize signs of other diagnosis in my description. Thank you!


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    The white tongue, sinus problems, and mold allergy could all be suggestive of a yeast overgrowth. And the fact that you have been overdosing on junk food and sugary soft drinks certainly makes it more likely.

    Have you tried a stool test? Lisa recommends a CDSA test as the best diagnostic tool for an intestinal Candida overgrowth. It will also pick up several other gut-based pathogens that might be causing you problems, and will give you an insight into which types of bacteria you might be deficient in.

    Another possibility is that you are overworked and stressed? Have you looked into adrenal fatigue? Stress can also cause many of the symptoms that you talk about, including eye floaters (related to collagen breakdown), allergies, etc.


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    We aren’t going to diagnose you here but just taking probiotics and antifungals is not going to be the only way towards good health. You likely need professional level naturopathic help which is more than we can provide here.

    There are over 10 different methods to fight yeast and you are not doing the most effective ones:

    But you likely have a health problem that goes beyond candida that includes a variety of different issues and problems that should all be addressed at once.


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