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    Hey 🙂
    The good news is I am still fighting, the bad news is a had a hard weekend but my obsession with nuts is fading away slowly (I think I might be allergic to them 🙁 ). For a weird reason, which I cant identify yet I still buy the cashews, almonds, brazils and their nut butter varieties, but I dont eat them, just keep them in my drawer. How to get rid of this obsession ? .. And another question: I thought it was just the garlic, but now whatever antifungal I take, whether garlic, oregano oil or spoon of coconut oil (not the case when I mix coconut oil into something) I feel a burning sensation in my mouth . Normal ? And why is is happening ? Is it some form of a definite sign that I have candida and my body is fighting ?

    Thank you 🙂


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    The burning tongue sensation and white yeast coating on my tongue were the first signs that i had something. My dentis just said it was geographic tongue. It got worse and burned so bad i was crying and unable to eat anything at all which left me completely weak. He then prescribed clotrimazole 10 mg tablets for me to suck on which are antifungal medicine. This along with rinsing my mouth with equal parts of hydrogenperoxide and water helped my burning tongue subside. However If you do have candida, it seems as though a diet which is described in this website is essential to get rid of this condition. I am just starting diet and very frustrated to give up morning coffee and night glass of wine not to mention starchy veges. Good Luck and I hope you are better soon.


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    It probably burns because you have candida in your mouth! If you dilute in water, it will be easier for your skin/mouth.


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