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    I have most candida symptoms and have had them for years. I just didn’t know about candida and that I might have it. Well 8 months ago I started to get Fecal Body Odor. I can’t smell it myself but other sure can. I’ve heard that my smell fills up a room and its a fecal gas smell. Could this als be a candida symptom?


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    So are you saying you have a lot of “gas?” This could be a symptom but there is no way to know for certain.

    The best way to determine whether you have candida overgrowth is to try out the diet, and if you experience “die off” than you likely have candida overgrowth.



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    Hi, I have suffered from fecal body odor myself for 2 years. It is common for people who suffer from this to have an odour that only others can smell and for it to be able to fill a whole room. Unfortunately there has been little research in this area as it is quite rare. However, there is a charity that has dedicated their time to investigating the cause of this condition

    They have conducted some informal research studies a one common theme seems that people with this condition tend to suffer from a form of gut dysbiosis (could be candida), another common feature is that there is a tendancy for sufferers to also have a B2 deficiency. It is not known if the gut dysbiosis is the cause or just a symptom. You can see the results of the test here:

    Causes that are currently being researched are methionine- which is the belief that the fecal odour occurs because the body is unable to break down foods containing methionine which is found in protein (partial hypermethioninemia). TMAU is another condition but is more charactristic of a fish odour.

    I have been on the candida diet for two months, I know I have candida for sure but the diet has yet to improve my FBO, so it could be that the candida is just a symptoms of the condition.

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