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    I started the other day a low carb candida diet and I´m felling very very very tired. I can´t even think. So much brain fog and I´m always hungry and my work requires a lot of energy and be positive. I work in a macdonald. I know coffee is a no no on a candida diet but when I fell more tired could I take one cup per day? Will it make such a big different on a candida diet.


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    I definitely think you should give up coffee – virtually every candida diet bans it. Lisa Richards and others recommend that you give up coffee before you start the diet proper so that it’s not too much all at once. Why don’t you ease up on the diet and try to cut down on caffeine gradually?

    I started the 7 day vegetable cleanse on Friday when I had four days off work to get climatised – there’s no way I could have stuck to it for the first few days if I had to go to work. Maybe you could get sometime off work as well?

    At least you work at McDonalds not Starbucks – so the temptation shouldn’t be so great!


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    I would drink something like chamomile tea instead…it gives you energy if you steep it longer than 8 minutes.



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    Coffee was the hard part of this diet, I drank coffee everyday for 20 years.
    I gradually slowed down way before I started the diet because coffee was making my Candida really intense before I even knew Candida was the issue. I tried tea and that just made me sleepy. It took about a week to get through it and get some traction but once I got over the hump my Candida started to do a lot better and I started the diet. I did sneak some here and there but it really made this worse in the long run and wasn’t worth it. Everyone may respond a little different but i’d stay away in the beginning. Your body will adjust and you will get your energy back you just have to be tough and keep your eye on the goal of getting better.

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