Is binge eating a sign of Candida starving off?

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    I’ve been very disciplined with my Candida dieting for nearly 2 months now. I’m avoiding everything I should and I’m taking probiotics + antifungals + indulging in all sorts of remedies and foods that help to kill Candida.

    And I feel great! The diet has definitely helped my symptoms of depression and hormonal imbalance. My main reason for killing the Candida is because of allergies caused by Leaky Gut Syndrome… I’ve been hospitalized twice because of severe reactions to sudden mystery food items. I am determined to kill this Candida for good and stick to a healthy paleo diet.

    My problem: I’m experiencing severe binge eating at night. I just can’t get enough. I’m craving carbs and sugar like I’ve never craved anything in my life. I’m over eating and am left physically hurting from the over indulgence. I’m not eating anything I shouldn’t, only vegetables and meat and coconut bread with Greek unsweetened probiotic yoghurt… but I just can’t get enough!

    Is this a sign of my Candida dying off? Am I starving because the Candida monster is eating all my nutrients? I’ve never experienced binge eating like this, so I’m convinced it has to do with the cleanse.

    Also, I’ve started reintroducing foods and am experiencing only severe bloating as a symptom. None of my other usual candida symptoms have occurred. Does this mean I should back off reintroducing or is my body just rejecting these items, do you think?

    Thanks so much, this support forum is fabulous. Appreciate your insight.



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    For me its either because I need the additional nutrients and don’t eat enough or the yeast wants bad food. I have some coconut milk ice cream in the freezer but don’t crave that, I crave hamburgers and pizza.


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