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    Hi guys, Im looking to take a probiotic that has a strain of bacteria that is proven to be beneficial in balancing candida overgrowth. The probiotic is dairy free, gluten free and dairy. My concern is that one of the ingredients is Acacia gum….I googled to see if it was a sugar and the research says it is a complex carbohydrate. I contacted the manufacturer of the probiotic and they said that it is used to allow the capsules to be filled with more ease. They also asserted the it does not feed candida “whatsoever”. Im so nervous about putting something new in my body can anyone who knows what the hell they are talking about please share with me either your experience or what you know about Acacia gum and if I should be concerned about it


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    Acacia gum is actually a prebiotic, so it should be helpful for promoting a healthy microbiome. I think you should go for it! Which brand is it?

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