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    I was wondering if there are any particular ingredients in vitamin supplements that will do more harm than good in regards to healing. What should I be keeping an eye out for? I’m guessing anything with sucrose/dextrose etc. But what about cellulose or rice flour?

    Or are the ingredients usually in scant amounts that it isn’t troublesome?


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    Cellulose is vegetable fibre and the rice flour would be a negligible amount that’ll likely be readily absorbed in your small intestine in any case. I think the same would hold for dextrose, which is basically just glucose. Some people with SIBO and other bacterial infections use simple (glucose) sugars like dextrose and rice syrup for carbs for this reason.

    Things to watch for might be GMO soy oil and other allergens, including wheat and yeasts, and artificial colourings, e.g. caramel. There are some other crappy fillers used by some brands with chemical names that you’d need to lookup case-by-case. Generally, good brands like Solgar and NOW Foods don’t contain trash, but it’s worth looking around for a good price as long as you can see the full ingredients list.


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    The main ones I would look for include maltodextrin (and other sugars), any rice or soy product (or similar grains), and lactose.

    Rice bran is allowed though and is a prebiotic.

    The following brands typically don’t contain junk ingredients:

    -Nature’s way
    -Standard process
    -Integrative thereaputics
    -Swanson (just heard about this one, it looks pretty good for cheap).



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    I’ll be sure to note all of this own. Thanks to you both you for being so helpful!


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    Sorbitol is also pretty common and not so good for you.


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    Chris24 wrote: Sorbitol is also pretty common and not so good for you.

    Good point -ols (sugar alcohols) seem to be malabsorbed by a lot of people.


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    Maltodextrin is a common ingredient used in many foods and sometimes supplements. When it’s eaten it’s then converted to sugar because it’s produced from starch and therefore affects the blood sugar, so it should definitely be avoided when possible.


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