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    I have had to do a LOT of reading to find this out so I wanted to share for those women after me who might be where I was and to a degree still am.

    Candida is linked to hormones the toxins it releases even when we are not fighting and killing it mimics estrogen and some toxins trick our bodies into creating MORE estrogen than is actually needed this in turn causes PMS symptoms and “estrogen dominance” symptoms. When you go into a cleanse the die off causes havoc with female hormones.

    I had to stop taking probiotics + a probiotic multiplier two weeks ago after a months use because I crashed and burned. The physical symptoms I expected and was prepared for but not the mental symptoms and it was these that scared the Hell out of me.

    I had derealization, anxiety and depression as well as the intense flu like symptoms.
    I ended up in bed for 5 days.
    I am out of bed and still feeling weak and some physical symptoms but generally I feel better for the most part with the exception of some lingering emotional/mental symptom.

    I have come to recognise these to be hormonal symptoms X 100

    I am at an age when women are in perimenopause/menopause so I was already having increased PMS and hormonal fluctuations as well as candida which as stated above already creates havoc with the endocrine system.
    The hormonal symptoms I had prior to taking probiotics and die off were nothing compared to what they became since the die off kicked in.

    I am still getting sensitivity to light (This is listed as a menopause symptom)
    I am still getting waves of depression that comes on like someone flicked a switch and the same for intense anxiety. They can last an hour or two and go as quick as they came but the intensity is terrifying.

    These symptoms coincide with my own natural monthly cycle too and whilst I have had depression and anxiety with PMS before I have only ever experienced very brief mild cases of light sensitivity and derealisation.

    I can only hope as time passes these lingering symptoms will pass and fade too.

    It feels as if I have stirred up a hormonal soup from Hell with the result of taking the probiotics and releasing too many toxins than my body can release.

    I feel like I am tip toeing on eggshells as I am waiting for an “attack” of depression or anxiety or derealization and both at the same time as these attacks come out of nowhere dare I say just like PMS mood swings but much more intense and they are VERY frightening.

    Liz - UK


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    Thank you so much for posting this! I was at my wit’s end before I found your post. I am about 5 months into a treatment for a probably lifelong overgrowth of systemic candida. Tx is overseen by a functional medicine doc. I’m on high dose of Nystatin 100000 units twice a day for 2.5 months. Mutli- multi- probiotic supplements, liver cleanse supplements and a multitude of other supplements to treat the die-off sx.
    This may be TMI, but I’m a nurse and this info is important. I have an IUD with progesterone eluding, and therefore do not have any bleeding at my menstruation, although I experience all the PMS sx; water weight gain (like 7 lbs), breast tenderness and swelling, mood swings etc. This is all routine. However, now my hormones seem to be all over the place, in terms of irregularity and spotting, as well as increased water weight gain (not during the pre-menstrual phase). I’ve been COMPLETELY depressed, all the time. My pants don’t fit, I have pitting edema in my lower extremities, craving carbs and sweets, and NO ENERGY. Fatigued all the time.
    Then, my period comes last week. With large amounts of spotting; more water weight gain on top of what I’ve just gained, more breast tenderness, BLOATING, my pants really don’t fit now. I’m even more depressed and have trouble doing much of anything besides getting up and going to work.
    I can’t say that I’ve been actually sick, but I wake with pressure headaches. I’m usually very active and a cyclist.
    My ask is what are you doing to help with these symptoms? How do I get rid of this water gain? I drink a lot of H2O, and have been craving coffee so much that I drink about 64 oz daily. I follow a keto diet, but my carbs may be in the 100 g range some days.
    Would anyone suggest using Maca to excrete the extra estrogen? Or would it even help?
    Any and all suggestions are welcomed.

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