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    I am on a Candida diet and interested in finding acceptable sweeteners for baking. After a very frustrating experience attempting to order Lakanto sweetener from the Body Ecology website, and never receiving the package or a refund (the customer service was horrible–uncommunicative, unprofessional), I have discovered one can order the same product from Amazon (a different seller, not Body Ecology) for less than half the price! It is $36 + shipping on Body Ecology (over $50 total) and only $13 on Amazon–and free shipping with Prime. I really wish I had known this before I ordered it from Body Ecology. I will never order anything from Body Ecology again. I think its important for those buying new, costly ingredients to be aware of consumer information like this.


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    I personally wouldn’t consume it because the alcohol is derived from corn which is almost 100% gmo and is not a healthy grain to consume on the diet whatsoever.


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