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    Tommorrow i’m going to get some done for yeast infections. I thought it might be worth a go since this practice is a couple of thousand years old and has many success stories. I’ll post on how i went.

    Anyone else had acupuncture before???

    I got it done and it was very relaxing, i loved it. Going again next week.:)


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    Its great for detoxing. You can go in feeling like crap and come out feeling like a million bucks. There are a few different types of it such as vietnamese-french style, a few chinese styles, etc.



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    I get acupuncture every second week. I find it really helps a lot, not just with candida but also balancing hormones and just general health. I used to have super irregular periods (once every 2-3 weeks) but ever since I started getting acupuncture its been every 28-30 days as it should be. I also find it really relaxing and it doesn’t actually hurt at all. I definitely recommend giving it a go.


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    It’s gonna help you feel better (after a few sessions) but don’t expect it to get rid of the candida… you need herbs or a medicine that goes inside the GI tracks and kills the yeast…

    And it’s not painful at all.
    Been getting it for 15 years.


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    It did nothing for me at all.

    However, if it makes you feel better you should keep going.


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    I was going quite regularly for a while. It can support the digestive system, but it can’t rid the body of candida. It should be able to reduce your symptoms though, both of candida infestation and die off. There are community acupuncture clinics that treat people in one large room at a much reduced rate, if you can find one in your area.


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    I did acupuncture for a long time, it did no good for me. But do not let that discourage you, acupuncture will work for some, not for others. If you are one it works for great! Also look into BioVeda BAX treatments. It is an electronic version of acupuncture done with a laser. My results were fantastic with that treatment. I recommend it to anyone who has allergies, and I have had several people try it with great results. It’s probably cheaper than traditional acupuncture. They do have a candida/fungus treatment but they recommend it as a complimentary program. Good luck!

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