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    I used to thrive under pressure, love the adrenaline rush of having lots to do and running around everywhere now I can’t even keep up with the housework. I was meant to work this pm but I’ve cancelled. I’ve let people down and worry that my partner will think that I’m a lazy cow, can’t be bothered and that I’m leaving the earning money to him.

    Let me explain – 3 1/2 years ago I left an abusive partner, went to a refuge then moved into a house, started a course and then I quit my job in mental health nearly two years ago to complete the counselling course, my course finished last April and I haven’t worked much since (the odd shift here and there) Just before the end of my course and two assignments to go I had a bad throat, I took the antibiotics cos I just needed to finish, in fact I didn’t care that i was taking antibiotics which is unlike me. eventually the throat cleared up but end of the course came and I started feeling really anxious, incredibly tired and weak and still under stress to complete my counselling placement hours to qualify. Nearly 3 years a go I got together with my partner who has been fantastic.

    I posted recently that I’m feeling impatient (I’ve been working on this for years) but I really don’t see myself getting back to the old me – working and bringing in money, having patience and time for my 6 year old son without getting irritable, having the energy to do things and being able to cope with day to day stresses. i used to have a much more positive outlook – if I wanted something I would do what it took to get it, now I can’t find the enthusiasm.

    I’m sure this will pass but thanks for ‘listening’.


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