I think I might have candida, can someone share if their symptoms are like mine?

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    I’ve had the following symptoms:

    itchy vagina and vaginal yeast infections, usually this would start around 1 week before my period, and goes away when the period starts
    brain fog, well, I don’t exactly know what you’re supposed to feel like when you have brain fog, but I do know that my concentration and focus is miles away from what it used to be, I forget things such as where I put my phone, or what I was going to look for, almost the next minute and would have to trace back the things that I did to remember what it was
    sluggish and lethargic, although at night time this helps me sleep, because I used to have insomnia and couldn’t sleep at all
    gas and bloating, if I eat dinner a little too late I would definitely wake up at night and continuously relieve gas by burping for 2 hours straight, I’d feel my heart ‘racing’ even though when I check on HRM my heart rate is completely normal
    over the last 3 years I had many panic attacks and anxiety, and I went through a dark spot of depression, which I managed to get out of for the time being, but the lethargy remains
    tingling all over my body, especially at night, which made me worry about having something like MS
    I am admittedly a sucker for sugar and iced black tea, which I will be stopping, but I noticed when I stopped drinking it I get a heavy headache and I just have no energy, and I assumed that it was just a fact of life that I had to keep drinking it now. But after reading candida die-off symptoms, I realize could that be it?

    I have gone to the hospital numerous times whenever these symptoms arise and I was scared of dying, but each time I’d just come back negative for the illnesses that I thought I had. After discovering about candida, I realized these are all symptoms of it.

    I’m sure I have other symptoms which I haven’t listed, in summary I feel like my health is deteriorating and I have no energy for anything unless I drink my sugar, however drinking it also causes all sorts of problems like the above symptoms for me. Doctors here don’t believe in candida, and I’m struggling to find someone who will point me in the right direction.

    I have done quite extensive research online and have ordered a Vitamin Bounty probiotic, Thorne L-gluthamine, Thorne SF722, Thorne Vitamin C, Naturelo multivitamin, Puritan’s 1000mg Milk Thistle, all yeast free, non-GMO, no sugar etc, do you think these are enough and what else can I add to my regime? These items will arrive here in 14-21 days so what should I do to prepare myself for then? I can’t quit sugar cold turkey as I’ve tried before but I will reduce it until I completely stop, hopefully I could do this in 14 days. I also ordered some kefir milk and had some today.

    Someone said something about a nystatin enema, what do you think of this compared to a coffee enema? Nystatin is hard to get in my country and the ones that are available are in oral suspension 100,000 form.

    Thank you so much for reading my wall of text!


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    I can’t advise you on enemas or anything like that because I am a newbie, but i CAN say that i have all the symptoms that you mention(and more),and they can all be caused by leaky gut or candida.

    I am in my late 70’s so no problems with periods!!! thank goodness…


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    I battled with this a long time before figuring out what it was. I did a lot of what you’re doing now: guessing and shooting in the dark, grabbing supplements, operating without certainty. The sooner you find out for sure what’s going on, the better. Spend some research time finding a real doctor who functions holistically. It took me a long time but I found a Board Certified internist with a holistic approach to treatment. She was able to give me laboratory tests that proved what my condition was, then prescribe supplements that are taken short term while on a strict diet. I had fantastic results.

    Then I got cocky, the holidays approached and I went off diet completely, indulging in whatever sugary substance I wanted. Candida growth came back with a vengeance. I’ve gained 10 pounds despite returning to the healthy diet and I’ve had to return to my doctor for help trying to beat it again. I have new respect for this as a real problem now.

    Since you’re not even sure what’s going on, I’d say you should start with some thorough testing. Maybe a GI stool test, an ION test, some blood work. Start with a good doctor.

    Good luck to you!

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