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    I was diagnosed with candida via blood test through a holistic type doc. She had me start on all of the supliments/probiotics/antifungals in the beginning and told me what to cut out. She told me to look at this website a bit later. So I didn’t do the detox and started taking all of the pills at the beginning. 2.5 weeks in and I’m feeling some major die off symptoms. Super tired, sore throat for a while and possible yeast infection. So my question is now that I have screwed everything all up, NOW WHAT DO I DO? Do I start all over? I am traveling abroad for 5 months in November, so I’m not sure how feasible it will be do even do this diet. I need some serious help. Anything and everything appreciated. Thanks.


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    I didn’t really do the detox either and it’s all worked out fine. I wanted to do a slower die off and not make myself feel worse than I had to. If you get on the right diet and take the anti fungals, probiotics and pre-biotics and get off the forbidden foods you will naturally and slowly cleanse and improve. It’s all about getting the gut back in balance and it can happen slowly or faster depending on what you do. If you’ve had candida once in your life you will always be susceptible to reocurances, so you need to learn to eat the correct diet no matter where you are in this world. Get off the sugar, alcohol, refined flours, diary, packaged foods, forever. Eat as healthy as you can whole foods, lean meats, fish, veggies a little fruit (not the sweet ones), eventually add back some beans and the seed grains. This is a lifestyle change as stress, hormonal inbalances, antibiotics, alcohol, sugars, and some pharmaceuticals all can trigger reoccurances. Keep going and keep building and reinforcing healthy habits and lifestyle.


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    You need a detox plan. Most detox plans involve taking liver cleansing herbs:


    here is another post worth mentioning:

    Just take it easy on the antifungals and this will reduce die-off.


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